For over a century, Plunkett Homes has been providing Western Australians with a place to call home.

We’ve been doing this for more than 120 years.

As you can imagine, we’ve learnt a thing or two in those hundred-odd years,

Like how to build homes that work perfectly for the way you live today, and how you’ll live in the future. 

Homes that can change with you as your circumstances change. 

Speaking of change, we’ve seen a lot of that in Perth over the years as we helped shape suburbs like Scarborough, Highgate, Bull Creek, Ardross, Wanneroo, Como and Dianella.

Wherever you find growth, you’ll find Plunkett. From Yanchep to Baldivis and everywhere in between.

But don’t pigeonhole us to the Perth Metropolitan sprawl, we also have local teams, suppliers and offices throughout Regional WA including the Mid West, South West and Great Southern Regions.

Browse through our vast range of products including country homes, Hampton’s homes, single and double storey homes, and unit developments, or have one of our experienced team custom design a home perfectly suited to your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re upsizing, upgrading, downsizing, developing or building an investment property, you can count on Plunkett Homes to deliver.

Their homes,
our history

More from our clients

Peter and Peta

Have filled their Plunkett home with stories over 35 years.

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Anjana and Gajan

Always dreamt of building a Hamptons oasis for their family.

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Winifred and Peter

A Plunkett Homes ad in the local paper lead Winifread and Peter to move from England to Perth.

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Marisa and Chris

Together Marissa and Chris built their ideal home for family gatherings.

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Had a stress-free experience building her ideal first home in Harvey

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Andrew and Renee

Knocked down their old home and built an award winning family home.

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Dominic and Eileen

Enjoying retirement in their Hamptons oasis close to the beach and local amenities.

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Matylda and Alex

Decided on tree-change and laid down roots with a contemporary farmhouse.

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Eric and Leonie

Downsized in 2007 and have proudly built seven times with Plunkett Homes.

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John and Cheryl

Created their own downsizer sanctuary with areas throughout their home for their hobbies.

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Michael and Holly

After building their first home with Plunkett, they returned to build their dream farmhouse in 2022.

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Together with her late husband Denis, built Plunkett’s Lawson design in 1990.

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Fetia and David

Purchased and renovated a historic 1920’s Plunkett home in Highgate.

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Kim and Tom

Built a house big enough for their family of five with a touch of luxury.

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Julie and Caroline

A dream home in the rolling hills and a warm-summer Mediterranean climate

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Judy and Michael

Transformed a historic Plunkett home into their ideal family home.

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Alex and Zoe

Tired of searching for an established home they decided to build their first home.

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A story of evolution


Thomas Scott Plunkett arrived in WA and sought work as a carpenter


Thomas Scott Plunkett established Plunkett Homes


The original Plunkett family home was built & still stands today on Wright Street, Highgate


Plunkett Homes were instrumental in developing new suburbs around Perth


Pioneering the Display Village concept by building spec homes in the same street, often side by side


Introduced WA’s first 20 Year Structural Guarantee


One of the first pioneers to introduce concrete floors in residential building


First home builder to debut an all-gas appliance display home


Plunkett Homes built their first home in the South West region


Introduced zero lot boundary walls to help maximise liveable space in high-density suburbs


Introduced metal roof frames to the WA residential housing market


Plunkett Home proudly became members of the JWH Group


Plunkett Homes built their first home in the Mid-West region


Plunkett Homes built their first home in the Great Southern region


Plunkett Homes contemporised with a new logo and style


Launch of the Mosaic collection featuring homes designs to suit 6m narrow lots


Launch of the new Luxe product range inspired by the last 100 years of home design styles


Launch of the Lifestyle Range, a collection of home designs to suit lifestyle, budget and personal style


Plunkett Homes celebrates 120 years of building WA


Proudly designing and building homes that Western Australians love coming home to

120 Year Anniversary Lift Out

To commemorate Plunkett Homes 120th anniversary, we teamed up with The West Australian to create a bespoke anniversary liftout.

The liftout featured stories from team members and clients - both past and present. These stories help showcase the legacy Plunkett Homes has left and continues to leave on the West Australian residential building landscape.

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