Where to Start

Considering a development is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly – with so many options and legal requirements to satisfy, it’s important to understand each aspect of the development process. The first step is recognising the opportunity and picking the right time to start.


Step 1: Feasibility Assessment

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your first development or moving onto your second or third – always carry out a feasibility study on each one.

Whilst a development site can look like a fantastic opportunity at first glance, it isn’t always the case.

With our feasibility assessment, it’s easy for you to gain insight into the best option for your block.

Learn more about our Feasibility Process.

Step 2: Working Drawings and Final Pricing

This is where your project starts to take shape. We’re now ready to:

  • Complete the engineering and working drawings for your development project.
  • Re-confirm the pricing which will enable you to confidently enter into a Building Contract with us – your building partner. 

Step 3: Pre-Start, Planning Approvals and Job Start

With the working drawings finished we can then:

  • Apply for planning and building approvals.
  • Organise your pre-start meetings and colour selections.

Once planning approvals and building permits are obtained, we’re ready to commence. Your development project can now move into the construction phase.

Take the first step in your development journey and contact us today!