Needing to Downsize?

We downsize for many reasons – kids leaving home, retirement or simply to free up funds for a lifestyle change or tree change. Downsizing does not mean downgrading. It simply means you’re ready for something smaller than the house you currently have.

Or better yet, a new home in the backyard of your current address. Subdividing, building a new ‘downsizer’ to move into and then selling off the original house has proved to be a winning strategy for many of our clients.

Less is more when it comes to downsizing. One less bedroom, for example. A smaller garden and less house to clean and maintain. All of which means smaller bills and less money spent on gas, water, electricity and general maintenance.

So, what does a downsized home look like? Less zones, bigger bedrooms and more open plan spaces. All this to provide a low maintenance lock-up-and-leave pad that allows you to focus more time and money for items such as travel, hobbies and leisure activities.

The best designs should incorporate the following:

  • Adaptable spaces that can serve more than one purpose, such as a studio or hobby space that can be easily turned into a guest bedroom when needed.
  • Big sliding doors and lots of big windows help homes feel light and open.
  • Designs with minimal passageways and free-flowing spaces that are easy to furnish will make the most of a more compact block.
  • A retreat in the master bedroom to make way for a fabulous armchair somewhere peaceful for a little alone time.
  • Storage space for the golf clubs, tennis racquets, surfboard and bicycles now that you have more leisure time.