Great Southern Builders

Building your new home in the Great Southern

If you like adventure, gastronomy, and nature that promises to captivate you with its vastness and diversity, then the Great Southern region might just be your ideal location to set down roots.

Nestled within the Great Southern is a tapestry of rich history and culture against a backdrop of untouched natural beauty. This area also embraces a Mediterranean climate, adding extra allure for many.

This region isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a culinary haven, renowned for its wineries, breweries, distilleries, and a bounty of quality produce.

Making this region home is a dream for many, and we are here to help.


Albany is a port city in the Great Southern region of WA, 418km southeast of Perth. Located at the southern tip of WA, it is known for its beaches and migrating whales. Living in Albany offers a vibrant and historically rich lifestyle amidst natural beauty. As Western Australia’s first European settlement established in 1826, Albany […]

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Bayonet Head

Bayonet Head is an outer north-eastern suburb of Albany, in the Great Southern WA region, on the west bank of Oyster Harbour, and is approximately 400km from Perth (4 and a half hours) via the Albany Hwy/State Route 30. Established in 1981, Bayonet Head, a suburb with a rich history dating back to the 1980s, […]

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Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay is a coastal town on the south coast of Western Australia in the Great Southern region, positioned between Albany and Esperance at the mouth of the Bremer River. It is 515km southeast of Perth, the state capital, and 180km east of Albany. You can also fly from Perth to Albany in just one […]

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Castletown is a coastal suburb just east of Esperance, WA. It’s located around 602 km from the capital, Perth. As a small coastal town in the Great Southern region of WA, Castletown residents enjoy having beaches and parks on the doorstep, and plenty of amenities. Local shops service the immediate area, and Esperance nearby offers […]

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Denmark is a coastal town located on the Wilson Inlet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, 423km south-east of Perth. Denmark, situated on the southwest coast of Western Australia along the Rainbow Coast, is a picturesque town that boasts natural beauty and a mild climate throughout the year. Established in 1895 during a […]

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Esperance is a town in the Goldfields–Esperance region of Western Australia, on the Southern Ocean coastline approximately 720km east-southeast Perth. Living in Esperance offers a unique lifestyle amidst the natural wonders of Australia’s south coast. Located a one-and-a-half-hour flight or an eight-hour drive south from Perth, Esperance immediately captivates residents and visitors alike with its […]

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Katanning is a small town located 277 kilometres south-east of Perth, on the Great Southern Highway. Katanning is an inland suburb and is close to some of Western Australia’s most awe-inspiring natural landscapes, including the Stirling Range and Porongurup National Parks. Here you can really embrace your own outback adventure, as you immerse yourself in […]

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Kendenup is a small town in Western Australia’s Great Southern region, located 345km southeast of Perth and 22km north of Mount Barker. Kendenup provides an ideal base for exploring the picturesque surrounding countryside, including the Stirling Ranges and Porongurup Range, all within an hour’s drive. It is also a notable stop on the Great Southern […]

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Mount Barker

Mount Barker is situated on Albany Highway, 363km southeast of Perth and 50km north of the city of Albany. Nestled between two ancient mountain ranges, Mount Barker has hidden gems waiting to be explored. To the south you can find the Porongurup Range complete with flourishing biodiversity, karri forests, and enchanting trails. Meanwhile, to the […]

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Porongurup is a small village on the northern slopes of the mountain range in the Shire of Plantagenet in the Great Southern region of WA. Located 48km north of Albany (approx. 45-minute drive), and 389km from Perth (approx. four-hour drive). You can also fly from Perth in just over one hour. There is a certain […]

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Scaddan is a small town in Western Australia, 783km east of Perth, nestled just off the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway between Norseman and Esperance. This charming town is situated in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. The area was originally known as Thirty Mile, because of its distance from Esperance.   You will find a few amenities […]

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Walpole is located 435km South of Perth and is about a five-hour drive from the Perth CBD. Based off the South West Highway, and near the South Coast Highway, Walpole in part of the Shire of Manjimup. Walpole is nestled amidst towering, majestic forests and awe-inspiring coastal cliffs. It lies adjacent to the northern edge […]

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West Beach

West Beach is a suburb of Esperance, in south-eastern WA. Located 699km south of Perth, you can fly to and from Perth in as little as 2 hours 35 minutes or the drive takes approximately 7 and a half hours. In addition to its serene waters, West Beach is distinguished by an extensive, shallow reef […]

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