Taking us back to the 50’s and working their way up to the 70’s, these mid-century home designs draw on the California style with their daring and grand proportions. Expansive glass, light and open living spaces and bold use of colour are the trademark features of our Mid-Century home designs.

Our Mid-Century home range is cleverly designed to suit the way we live in Western Australia. Thoughtful zoning for areas to study, play, entertain, relax and dine are all part of the thinking that goes into every house design here at Plunkett Homes.

We’ve incorporated our signature Mid-Century look across our single and double storey homes so there’s no reason why you can’t have the home you’ve always dreamt of, in the suburb you want to live in.

Showing 18 of 42 designs
Showing 18 of 42 designs

Home Designs

Our award-winning modern home designs have been refined over the last 120 years to cater for the ever-changing Western Australian lifestyle.

We have house designs to suit every family and every budget. Whether you know what you’re looking for, or simply need inspiration to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through our collection of home designs to get a taste of what your dream home could look like.

Our home designs cater to a variety of styles from classic Federation style homes to Hamptons style homes, plus retro-cool Mid-Century and the always popular Contemporary style homes. Whether you’re looking for a single storey, double storey, narrow lot design, country style home, dual occupancy design, or turnkey home, we can start from scratch and customise a home that’s perfect for you!