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Your go-to kitchen design guide!

13 August 2019

You’ve heard about the triangle, right?

It’s the unspoken rule of designing a kitchen that just works; the theory is that the placement of the sink, the fridge and the stove should create a triangle.

Well, while this still remains true, kitchen designs have come a long way since this idea was floated in the early twentieth century.

As you can see from the diagram above, you have several configurations to choose from that honour the working triangle concept. Let's take a look in closer detail.


Island – social, practical, stunning.

If you like to have a good natter over a rosé just as much as cooking a Sunday roast for the family then the island bench design is the one for you (and the longer, the better!)

Waterfall ends exude understated luxury, the link between the kitchen and living areas is strong, and the abundance of bench space makes the area versatile for studying, having a quick bite and leisure activities.

U shaped – the private chef and the messy cook

This design is great if you want to be social with your cooking, but not too social. Often tucked away at one end of the open plan living, U shaped kitchens are the ultimate in cooking practicality with the triangle in full effect, and private enough to enjoy your dinner without stressing about the clean-up...just yet.

L shaped - Big on social, small on space

The L shaped kitchen works hard to deliver all the conveniences required of modern cooking in the most spatially effective way possible.

Often the go-to for apartments and granny flats, the L shaped kitchen can often be overlooked in larger homes, but bring in a big, rustic table and you’ll have perfectly nailed the warm and inviting country kitchen vibe.

Overhead cupboards add a sense of completeness to the design and seamlessly integrate with a laminated pantry, and you can use pull-out rotating shelving in corners further maximising the storage space. 

Microwave recess – Do you reach or bend?

A microwave recess is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look like it’s straight out of a beautiful home magazine: tidy, symmetrical, carefully poised.

Available in the under bench and overhead options, both come with their own unique attributes - overheads come in an oven stack and may limit you to a 600 wide oven, but you don’t lose any real cupboard storage and can be safer for children; under bench are slightly cheaper, don’t affect your oven size but you will have to sacrifice storage space.

Overheads – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, no one can deny the convenience of extra above head storage.

A functional way to incorporate the latest colour trends and finishes into your kitchen, there are also a myriad of products available to customise for function, including lighting, glass racks, hydraulic lift drawers and adjustable shelving heights.

Scullery - When a kitchen looks too good to cook in? They must have a scullery!

The ultimate for any home chef is to have a separate space to prepare (and make mess) and then a gloriously proportioned, sparkling kitchen to serve up in.

Got a less aesthetic fridge? No worries! Hide it away in the scullery!

Dishwasher too noisy when you’re watching TV? Install to the scullery and close the door! Problem solved!

You can design your scullery to incorporate pantry shelving on one wall to maximise space, and serious home cooks have been known to install laundry troughs instead of kitchen sinks to clean up the biggest of pots.

With over 115 years of experience, we have seen our fair share of kitchen design trends in Perth homes. We always have our ear to the ground, ready to investigate each new trend, and even create our own.

If you would like to find out more about our range of homes, or speak to one of the team about your own kitchen design ideas, contact us here.

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