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Why the Hamptons belong in WA

20 September 2017

It may have travelled half way around the world to reach our shores, but the Hamptons style has certainly made itself at home here in WA. And for good reason, too. Capturing everything we love about our modern coastal lifestyle, it’s become a firm favourite in the Plunkett design portfolio, and won the hearts of our clients, designers and stylists alike.

Radiating relaxed elegance and a sense of family tradition, the Hamptons style brings together layers of detail, lots of fresh white, comfortable easy-going furnishings, and big open spaces that connect the indoors and the outdoors. You’ll also typically find skirting boards, weatherboards, wainscoting, shingle-style roof tiles, dark timber floors and subway tiles.

True, this style is not for everyone, but those who do like it don’t just like it, they love it!

Conjuring up images of multi-million-dollar beachside homes in the Hamptons – New York’s exclusive summer hotspot and the setting for the TV series Revenge – the style has translated easily to our own coastal playground. And you don’t need a millionaire’s budget, either.

Plunkett lead the way five years ago with its series of Hamptons-inspired designs that brought an accessible interpretation of the much-loved style to Perth. Today, our Hamptons collection includes single-storey and two-storey designs to suit lot sizes from 17m to 12.5m. After all, a Hamptons-style home is the perfect fit for modern Australian living. It’s a look that invites you to relax, to invite friends over, to take your morning coffee onto the terrace, or to curl up in front of the fire with a good book.

It’s not surprising our first Hamptons display home, the New Hampton, proved to be the start of a beautiful love affair with the style when the display opened in 2012.  We’ve since showcased a series of display homes inspired by the style’s classic detail and understated luxury, including the North Hampton, the Vermont and our latest Hampton-style showcase, the Long Island. We’ve also got a new two-storey display on the drawing board for next year.

Over the years, the Hamptons style has become a Plunkett design classic; a style that we are recognised for doing well. It’s a style that has inspired so many Plunkett designs, including designs for clients keen to give the look more of a Plantation, Colonial or coastal feel. 

Some people may say that despite its sense of luxury, the Hamptons style taps into our ‘beach shack’ roots, prompting happy memories of childhood holidays along WA’s coastline, from Busselton to Lancelin and beyond. Others simply love the way a Hamptons-style home makes them feel instantly relaxed when they walk in at the end of a busy day. 

Maybe it’s that sense of tradition, the mix of old and new, that makes us feel safe and secure. Maybe it feels familiar and comfortable because it’s simply the Aussie homestead’s glamorous American cousin?

Here are 5 reasons we think the Hamptons style is such a great fit for our modern Australian lifestyle:

1. Indoor/outdoor French doors open up everyday living spaces to terraces, verandahs and big outdoor entertaining areas complete with easy chairs and a comfy outdoor sofa. Alfresco ceilings lined with white-painted boards highlight Hamptons styling while keeping outdoor living spaces fresh and cool.


2. Kitchen focus A heart-of-the-home kitchen is where family and friends gather. It’s a place to entertain, to talk, to start the day, and to reflect on the day’s events. Simple Shaker-style cabinets accentuate the Hamptons style, which suits either a traditional U-shaped kitchen or a more contemporary galley-style design. Add a scullery, larder or generous pantry to help keep kitchen essentials organised.


3. Retreat spaces What better way to create that sense of sanctuary and traditional luxury than a beautiful freestanding bath in an ensuite bathroom? Or adding a wall of built-in bookcases to a cosy den? Or making a feature of a classic fireplace in the living area? Hamptons-style homes have always been designed to provide a comfortable retreat from the busyness of the every day.


4. Sense of order The built-in furniture we often see in Hamptons-style homes appeals to our sense of organisation in a busy household. Whether it’s a bookcase, study desk, e-nook or dressing table, built-in furniture looks the part and helps us keep things neat and tidy.


5. It’s beachy The coast is such a big part of who we are and the lifestyle we enjoy here in WA, so it’s natural that what is essentially a luxury beach house should resonate so soundly with us. It won’t mind if we bring in a little sand on our feet, or kick back on the terrace after a morning at the beach. Life is busy. Relax.

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