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On-Trend Outdoor Entertaining

13 April 2017

We all love spending a warm summer's evening relaxed with beverage in hand, out on the alfresco, but there are ways of turning your alfresco into an outdoor living summer retreat. Here are the latest trends on outdoor entertaining that will make your outdoor setting a little more summer getaway than backyard.

A key trend from 2017 that will carry into 2018 is sustainable furniture that stands the test of time while still being a stylish feel-good piece.

On Trend Outdoor Entertaining

Michael Gittings, owner of furniture design and manufacturing company FatFish says, “Good outdoor furniture must be durable, multi-functional and portable.”

“Outdoor rooms need to be more versatile than their indoor counterparts and your furniture has to support that” says Gittings.

“Whether it’s breakfast for two or entertaining for 10, your furniture should be movable or multi-functional so as to suit both situations. Tables with wheels and foldable chairs work well in these spaces.”

Gittings suggests these great examples of outdoor furniture materials to invest in for 2018:

  • Rattan -  for an organic, tactile and timeless Art Deco feel.
  • Cane - versatile and can be updated through bold, bright cushions.
  • Raw, earthy materials – a nod to the industrial design trend, think moody metals and wood.
  • Upcycled items – think sustainable and vintage, offering personality and history to your alfresco.

Another trend that won’t go away for the foreseeable future is indoor/outdoor living spaces. Merging the indoor world with outdoor living is by no means a new thing, but this trend is booming in 2018. Whether you live right in the city, the suburbs or the country – indoor/outdoor living works with every home design in adding to its appeal.

By creating a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, you are not only inviting positive Feng Shui energy into your home, but you’re also enhancing the illusion of expansiveness. This creates harmony and boosts relaxation - and is especially effective for those living in smaller spaces.

To achieve this, you could invest in a kitchen bench that extends from inside out to the alfresco, or have an entirely separate bar outside. Others may create an edible vegetable and herb garden.

Some other great ways to enhance your outdoor setting that you may not have thought of are:

  • Rugs – used outdoors can extend the functionality of your lounge room to create an ‘outdoor entertaining sanctuary’ rather than just another separate zone.
  • Ottomans, footstools and coffee tables – Create an outdoor table with accessories like these to make it warm, comfortable and conversation-boosting. 
  • Weather-proof art – Some great companies actually do cool art installations specifically for the outdoors. Give it a Google search or go DIY and laminate arty finds you like.
  • Portable Bar Cart Trolley – The perfect underrated multi-purpose furniture that can be used not just for outdoors, but for the rest of the home too. Serve food platters, wine or use as a bedside table during the daytime.
  • Winter Proof – An in-built fireplace, featured brick or natural stone elements, an add-on rain-proof pergola and hard wearing flooring help make the alfresco as warm as it can possibly be in colder months.

If you’re currently in the market for building a home, a great way to decide on what kind of outdoor setting you would like is to visit a nearby display home village for a variety of real-life examples.

Plunkett Homes have a huge range of display homes throughout Perth metropolitan areas and the South West that showcase functional and modern alfresco designs. Check out some of our favourite ones below:

If you’re after a hard-wearing and durable table, look no further than a classic park bench style setting. Seen at the North Hampton.

Stay warm in colder months by adding a ‘firepit’ to your alfresco.

If you like to entertain guests, consider investing in a larger-sized alfresco with room to move. With a small garden, it’s low-effort while still being modern. 

Adding entertainment like a foosball, ping pong or pool table creates a more fun atmosphere. As seen in this outdoor/indoor living space, at the Modena Display Home in Woodvale by Plunkett Homes. 

Want an outdoor setting that is green without the maintenance or water bills? Fake it with synthetic turf (they don’t have to know unless you tell them).

Make your outdoor setting stand out through the type of flooring you choose for it, as well as living wall plants. Seen at the Vermont.

Rattan furniture is still on trend.


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