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Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

25 March 2020

Found yourself with some extra time on your hands? 

With the level of uncertainty enveloping the country at the moment, keeping busy and distracted can help keep the anxiety levels at bay.

If ever there was a silver lining to the situation, is that we may have time now to focus on the ‘odd jobs’ around the home that often get overlooked during our normally busy lives.


Here’s our checklist to get your home prepared for the cooler months


1. Clean your gutters and drains

It’s a job no one likes doing, but we all know it needs to be done. Blocked gutters from leaves and other debris can lead to overflowing pipes and can cause water to seep inside the home and cause damage to the exterior.

While you are up there, look at installing some gutter guards which cover the gutter to minimise the amount of debris that accumulates.



2. Concentrate on your lawn

Unless you are the kind of person who wouldn’t be out of your depth working as a greenkeeper, a drive around the suburbs in March will indicate that many of us are too busy to give that emerald oasis the love it deserves.

Autumn is the perfect time to fertilise your lawn to give it a bit extra help to survive winter, it’s dormant season.

A quick trim and a bag of weed and feed, give it a few weeks and people driving by will think it always looked like that.


3.Time for a trim

For most plants, the optimal pruning time is usually at the end of their peak growing time, and the start of autumn is not that time.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go trigger happy elsewhere. Removing dead branches and trimming trees now could save you time and money if we get a spate of storms over the winter.

4. Mulch your beds

Mulch your garden beds now to help them retain water, as well as help to keep the soil temperature consistent to avoid frost damage.


5. Oil it up!

Now that summer is over and we’re taking steps to socially distance ourselves from one another, what better time to oil your wooden outdoor furniture, deck or exposed timber panelling.

Most manufacturers recommend oiling twice a year to keep things looking fresh and protected from the elements.


6. Wash your windows      

Again, another job that we all love to hate, but doesn’t it feel satisfying when it’s done? Bite the bullet and enjoy seeing the outside world through the clean glass.

Bethany, our New Home Administrator uses CLR to clean her glass and believes you’ll never look back!


7. View from the top

If you have a tiled roof, time to pull out the ladder and check for any tiles that may have gotten broken over the summer. Better to be safe than sorry when the stormy winter nights roll in.



8. The big ditch

We might not admit to hoarding toilet paper, but most of us are guilty of holding on to things that we never end up using. Keep an eye out for your council’s hard rubbish date and get cracking on sorting. Some areas of the home that our team recommend focusing on

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Wardrobe
  • Pantry
  • Linen Cupboard


While distraction cleaning is a productive way to pass the time, it’s important not to ignore your mental health. Make time to check in with yourself if you start feeling overwhelmed, and keep an eye out for others too (while maintaining social distancing, of course!)

Now, bring on the distraction cleaning!

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