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Those Summer Nights

18 May 2020

We’re pretty lucky here in Western Australia that when it comes to warm summer nights, we’ve got them in spades.


Is there honestly anything better than coming home after a long day and relaxing on your alfresco, enjoying the balmy evening on a comfy chair with the ones you love?

Well, maybe cooking dinner on the barbecue while you’re at it, and having minimal dishes to clean up.


We recently completed a home in Perth’s southern suburbs whose owners had premium outdoor living high on their wish list when they contacted Sales and Design Consultant Neil Robertson who helped bring their vision to life.

Think a soaring gable roof with fibre cement ceiling with negative detailing, outdoor kitchen with the works – granite benchtops, sink, fridge recess, provisions for a massive TV, and set on a tranquil acreage free from any noisy neighbours (except maybe a few cheeky Kookaburras).

The photos of this stunning space speak for themselves.

So what are some of our best tips for making your outdoor space the envy of the neighbourhood?


Look into alternatives to paving for the flooring, such as timber decking, exposed aggregate, or tiles.

Each material has its pros and cons, and will give you a totally different look and feel, so get ready to start browsing Pinterest for inspiration!

Servery Windows

Either from the kitchen or the scullery, servery windows into the alfresco create connection between the party outside and the preparation inside, meaning no one gets left out of the conversation.

High Ceilings

Most builders provide 25 course ceilings as standard to the alfresco, but our Luxe Specification lifts the game with 28 courses as standard.

You could even add a recess to the ceiling for extra height and wow-factor, a fabulous choice if you are wanting a resort-style look with decorative outdoor fan. Outdoor fans not only look fabulous and keep the alfresco cool on a warm day, they also deter flies and mosquitos!

Doors with Recessed Tracts

When you are wanting that truly seamless blend of outdoor and in, sliding doors with recessed tracts, or bi-fold or stacker doors give you an uninterrupted flow from inside and out, and are also a must-have for anyone needing wheelchair access.

Café Blinds

Nothing can ruin the good vibes of a summer barbecue quicker than a swarm of unwanted bugs!

Unfortunately flies are a fact of life, and often worse in summertime and rural areas.

Café blinds and sliding doors to the perimeter of the alfresco to enclose the space will give you a whole extra room free from the elements and the creepy crawlies!

Ceiling Linings

Want to make a statement?

Well ditch the plain old cement ceiling and get acquainted with Versilux, a relatively new product that gives you bold, clean lines with negative detailing, perfect for when you are going for a more modern look.

Or if you prefer something with an earthy vibe, you could go with timber lining, which is made from organic material, or Glosswood panels, which is a laminate alternative with less maintenance than traditional timber linings such as cedar.

Provisions for Future Kitchen  

We all have a dream home in mind, but unfortunately, when working out our budget, certain things will have to take precedence over others.

If you’ve had to leave a few items on the wish list, a clever way to save your future-self headaches is by putting in provisions for the items such as outdoor kitchens.

By adding all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff like water, gas, and electricity during the build, you are saving yourself the hassle of trying to retrofit later on, and the finished product will end up looking like it has been there all along.

But remember, a great alfresco space does not exist in a vacuum.
By designing your dream alfresco with your home layout in mind, you can get the most out of both spaces.

By keeping the living areas to the back of the home, as seen in our Copenhagen design, you are easily able to accommodate indoor/outdoor living, and have the added bonus of a good distance of separation between the outdoor entertaining space and the bedrooms, meaning the party can continue on once the little ones have gone to bed, well, fingers crossed!

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