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Storage is King: 14 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Home

8 February 2017

Finding room in your house for storing your belongings can often be difficult and time consuming, which is why when it comes to storage solutions – the more creative and innovative it is – the better!  Just don’t forget to the most important thing – to make them fit in with your everyday activities.

Plunkett Homes Customer Service Manager, Bonnie Muccilli, says that when it comes to storage, everybody can benefit by making smart decisions that will benefit their everyday activities.

“To me, storage is so important in new homes because you have the chance to make it suit you and your lifestyle.”

“But what it comes down to is how you actually fit these areas out (with storage). There are so many products now available, that you can have your cupboards designed to cater to special shelving options or inserts.” She says.

For kitchen pantries, Bonnie reassures us that we don’t have to put up with that big box of cereal not fitting on our shelf anymore.

“There are some great products out there which have a number of smart options to customise your cupboard space. And here at Plunkett Homes, we also give you options on shelf heights that you get to choose yourself.”

With bedroom wardrobes, consider utilising the entire space from floor to ceiling, where you could opt for shelves (for bags and shoes) or drawers (for jewellery or ties) is the best trick in the book.

And as for linen cupboards? Bonnie says what people need to think about is where they are going to store vacuums or mops, as you will need height. “Generally, a combo shelf section plus a space for these sorts of household items is popular” she says.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about all the possible storage solutions you could do, don’t forget you have a garage to consider too.  Being an area most people tend to forget about, it often ends up crammed with too much stuff, leaving a very tight fit with the cars included.

“Generally, most keep the garage at the standard width, but once you have your cars in there it can be a tight fit so again, factoring into building what you need in the garage is smart.”

Fortunately, there is also a huge range of garage-specific storage and organisation add-ons available that can help you take the pressure off your garage and home space.

Keeping in mind Bonnie’s advice, take a look these 15 creative storage ideas taken straight from inspiring examples of Plunkett Homes’ display homes. You’ll see how everyday household items can be used in the most fun and unexpected ways.


Check out our 15 creative storage ideas below:

1 - Creative Storage for Wood

Does your house boast a fireplace? For those chilly winter nights, make sure to have a storage solution for your wood chips nearby for absolute convenience. Rather than hide them away, consider displaying them as a decorative piece in their own right for that rustic, warm and cozy ambience. 

Storage with convenience. Caption: As seen in the Cottesloe Beach display.


2 - Creative Storage for Dirty Laundry

Who said laundry bags, baskets and hampers should be boring? There are a variety of laundry organiser solutions out there to help you sort your dirty from your clean. Consider investing in one that has quirky design to it and can be a decorative standalone piece too.

Keep your dirty separated from your clean with an attractive creative laundry basket. As seen in the Rhodes display home.


3 - Creative Storage for the Walk-in Robe

In a dream world, most women (and some men too) would love a walk-in wardrobe the size of a master bedroom. Space for an extravagant shoe collection, dresses, a spot for handbags, maybe a token chandelier plus much more.  While this dream isn’t quite a reality for some, with smart storage placement, adjustable shelving heights and taking advantage of every bit of space you can find, you could be very well close to a walk-in robe that packs a punch.

Is this your dream walk-in robe? As seen in the Northwestern display.


4 - Creative Storage for Loved Everyday Items

Turn your everyday loved items and objects into design statements – integrating them into your home as sentimental wall art. Love surfing? Display your surf board proudly in the living room for coastal vibes. Kids love skateboarding? Showcase their old-boards on their bedroom wall for something fun and different. 

Recycle your loved objects up on the wall as wall art. As seen in the Riviera display.

“To me, storage is so important in new homes because you have the chance to make it suit you and your lifestyle.”
Bonnie Muccilli

5 - Creative Storage for the Liquor and Wine

Turn your kitchen breakfast bench into a multi-purpose breakfast bar with an add-on liquor cabinet. Entertaining guests couldn’t be easier with this nifty storage idea. As an alternative, you could always add an attractive wine rack on the edge of your breakfast bench. With a variety of wine racks out there ranging from Butterfly timber wine racks to Barrel wine racks, you will definitely find something out there to suit your kitchen design. 

If you got the extra room to spare, consider adding on to your kitchen breakfast bench with a mini wine storage unit. As seen in the Shiraz display.


6 - Creative Storage for Books, Bits and Bobs

Show off your books, board games, collectibles, travel souvenirs and more with bookshelves - a sophisticated addition to any living room. From timber floating wall shelves to traditional standing bookcases, and everything in between, you’ll undoubtedly find multi-purpose uses for bookshelves. A must-have in any home.

Keep you books tidy and on display with a bookshelf. As seen in the Southampton display.


7 - Creative Storage hidden in your Footrest

Next time you go shopping for a footrest, consider investing in a footrest that comes with well-disguised storage capabilities! Many ottomans come with space inside to store your bits and bobs, like scarves, TV guides and more. The great thing with some styles is no one would be none the wiser that it also serves as a storage unit, making it a smart way to store valuables away from sight.

Did you know some ottomans come with hidden storage capabilities? How convenient! Seen in the Stirling display.

8 - Creative Storage under your Bed

When some people think of underbed storage, they might think of plastic containers or vacuumed bags full of clothes. Why not think outside of the box and really maximize the black hole space that is under your bed to its fullest potential. If you’re pretty crafty – go DIY. Think wired baskets or recycled draws on wheels, IKEA hacks with shelves and cabinets or old vinyl-storing crates

Under the bed storage is probably the easiest solution for anyone to do. Seen in the Stirling display.


9 - Creative Storage for your Kitchen

Like a game of Tetris, make use of your entire kitchen space by thinking vertical. Consider adding shelving units higher up to ensure no plates, cups or special goods end up broken or missing. It also helps keep the kitchen benches clutter-free. 

Make more space on the kitchen bench by storing plates and cups neatly away. Seen in the Verona display.


10 - Creative Storage for your Open Living Space

As an alternative to bookshelves and bookcases, consider going with wire racks as a statement storage feature in your open living plan. Modular chrome wire racks and locker room style racks are very in-trend right now, being complimentary to the industrial and New York apartment loft design trends that aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Add some industrial New York apartment loft style into your living room with chrome wire shelving units. Seen in the Avalon display.


11 - Creative Storage for your Kitchen

Did you know that some ladders can double as quirky storage pieces and rustic décor pieces for the home? Add a dose of shabby chicness to your home by draping scarves, jewellery, blankets, and hats onto a vintage ladder.

Go one step further with a shelf ladder - add it into the kitchen as a quirky way to store your jars and or even herb pots.

Repurpose and reuse vintage ladders as creative storage solutions. Seen in the Avalon display.


12 - Creative Storage for your Coffee Table

Just like an ottoman with hidden storage, you could also invest in a coffee table with compartments to help save on space! Coffee tables anchor any living room space, giving you not only a focal point between the lounge and TV, but also act as a place to lay your magazines, mugs and remote controls.

There are a range of coffee table styles out there, from reused vintage treasure chests and antique trunks, to minimalist glass tables and ones with in-built draws. 

A coffee table acts as a focal point in the living room. Seen in the Rushmore display.


13 - Creative Storage for your Bedside Table

Bedside tables are an essential storage spot for our books, reading glasses, night time vitamins, lamps, and more. Consider experimenting with alternative bedside tables that give you more flexibility and space.

Try freestanding or floating bedside tables which won’t take up much floor space, or look for bedheads and frames with built-in storage too. You would be surprised to find just how many quirky and ordinary items can replace an ordinary bedside table – like drums, old suitcases, ladders, desks on wheels, crates, and more.

Get quirky with your bedside table. Seen in the Empire display.


14 - Creative Storage for your Kitchen Wall

Got a blank wall in your kitchen? Rather than hang some art, turn it rather into a functional space and hang up a wall rack for your mugs. Not only does it look good – but it adds character into your kitchen too.

Wall racks save floor space and are ideal for smaller kitchens too. Consider even hanging your herbs on the wall for some added greenery in your cooking and your home.

Make those mugs and cups assessable by hanging them on the wall! Seen in the Moore River display.

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