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Solid Start for Concreter

22 January 2020

Sil Micale’s story with Plunkett Homes dates back to 1976 when, as a teenager, he helped his dad and uncles pour house slabs in and around Perth.

A few years later and Sil was off doing other things, but by 1998 he had returned to the family business, Jecoda Concrete.

Ever since then, Sil has been working with us as part of our team of trusted trades and suppliers in the Perth metro area.

Like Sil, who now runs Jecoda Concrete, many have been with us for several decades. From construction and fit-out, to the latest products and technology, they have been bringing their skills and expertise to home after home; year after year.

“I’ve been with Plunkett for a long time and I enjoy everything about the job,” Sil says. “The supervisors are especially good.”

Sil doesn’t do house slabs anymore, preferring to bring his skills as a concreter to garages, exposed aggregate, staircases, driveways, footpaths and decorative work.

“I pride myself on being neat and tidy on site,” he says. “And you have to bring precision to the job; precision in everything you do.

“And you need to be clean on site, not just leaving excess concrete around, but putting it in a pile or in the skip-bin. I keep up my standard in my work.”

Sil says he enjoys the variety of concreting jobs he looks after for Plunkett, welcoming the fact that he’s not in the same place doing the same thing day in, day out.

“We could be doing a garage one day, then pouring exposed aggregate on a verandah the next, or forming up a staircase,” he says.

Sil’s always happy to go wherever he’s needed, with countless jobs in and around Perth, as well as further afield in areas such as Northam, Chittering, Bullsbrook, Pinjarra and Mandurah.

“I’m just happy to work for Plunkett; I like to be loyal,” Sil says. “Loyalty means a lot to me.”

We think our longstanding trades and suppliers are a pretty special bunch. They’re part of the team here at Plunkett. Without their skills, know-how and attention to detail we wouldn’t be able to build such great homes.

Whatever the design or location, our trades and suppliers prove themselves time and time again. It’s why you can be proud to say you live in a home built by Plunkett.

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