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Psst … did you know we’re #1?

8 May 2018

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (well, maybe a little), but did you know that more people are thinking of building with Plunkett than any other builder in WA?

The number crunchers who measure these things have declared that we’re #1 on the list of builders that would-be homebuyers have on their shopping list.

While we’re obviously delighted to be in the top spot, we thought it even more important that we share a few other recent stats and facts with you while we’re all in the mood for a little data analysis.


Because it’s all good news!

If you’ve been thinking that now could be a great time to build then it seems you’re not alone. Recent reports crossing our desks here at Plunkett indicate that that now is a good time to put building plans on the agenda.

Here’s a quick summary: survey: An online survey by (REA) reveals that 41 per cent of respondents believe the market will turn upwards within the next 12 months and 68 per cent predict it will improve within 13-24 months.

New house sales figures: Figures from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) shows that in March this year, WA had the largest increase in new house sales in the country, up 26.2 per cent on the previous month.

Affordability Index: The Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) most recent Affordability Index confirms that Perth is the nation’s most affordable capital. According to the Affordability Index, Perth has a score of 110.0, which puts it streets ahead of Sydney at 53.1, ranked lowest, and the capital city average of 70.7. The HIA Affordability Index is calculated quarterly for each of the eight capital cities and regional areas. It takes into account latest dwelling prices, mortgage interest rates and wage developments.

Yes, but what does it all mean for us, the would-be homebuyers, we hear you ask!

We cornered our CEO, Tony Pritchett, over his morning coffee and asked him the same question.

“The signs are that homebuyers are recognising the benefits of building now and don’t necessarily want to wait until things get busy again,” Tony told us.

“Improved affordability, for example, isn’t just good news for first homebuyers. It’s also good news for people wanting to build their second or third home to accommodate a growing family, or those looking to downsize to their dream area.”

Tony’s been with Plunkett for more than 30 years, so he’s all too familiar with the ups and downs of the housing market.

“It’s important for homebuilders to remain relevant and competitive, no matter what stage the market is at in the housing cycle,” he reminded us.

Needless to say we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask Tony for his thoughts on Plunkett making #1.

In true Plunkett style, he was quick to share the love.

“The fact that more West Australians are considering building with Plunkett than any other builder in WA is testament to our tradespeople, designers and administration staff, as well as our wonderful clients, with many of them returning to us to build their second or third homes,” he said.

“While we’re obviously delighted that so many people are considering building with us, we’re especially pleased to see signs that building a new home is on the agenda for many people here in Perth, Australia’s most affordable capital city.”

Did we mention we’re #1 on their shopping list?          

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