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New Designer Home Ideas For 2017

17 January 2017

Top interior design ideas that are practical and on trend for 2017.

Building a new home gives you the chance to unleash your décor ideas, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Our design team has put together some starting points, literally… from the ground up! Let’s start with the floors, then the walls and finally… the fabrics.

Forget the polished concrete industrial look, leave that for trendy office fit-outs. What you need is warm and resilient surfaces under foot and at eye level. We’ve got a few suggestions for you; Cork for its resilient and eco-friendliness, Terracotta for its textured charm and lastly, an old favourite, Recycled timber. Plus we match that with some textile touches that will bring out the fashionista in you.   

Here are our top ideas that are practical and also on trend for 2017. Elegant home designs to get your creative juices flowing...


Walls and floors that pop your cork


Forget the blackboard and chalk, Cork is making a comeback in 2017 and it is not hard to see why.

It adds a nice natural colour to any room, and in 2017 we will see whole walls cladded with cork along with smaller touches such as table tops, lighting, stools and more. Maybe speak to an interior designer before you go rushing half corked though.

In the meantime, here are some tips and advice from our in-house design team’s short-list of the pro’s and cons of Cork.

The Pro’s of Cork

  1. When used on floors it has a ‘cushioning’ effect under foot.
  2. It’s a great insulator for retaining warmth and coolness.
  3. Works incredibly well as a sound barrier.
  4. Looks very ‘natural'.

The Con’s of Cork

  1. Can discolor if over-exposed to sunlight.
  2. If used on walls it can be chipped.
  3. On floors it can be indented by heavy furniture.
  4. Can be scratched by pets.

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You’ll be floored by the look of terracotta


We are not talking big, bulky pot plants. Terracotta tiles are now ‘on point’, providing brand new homes with a natural, matte finish that will add warmth to any room. It’s so versatile it looks terrific in bedrooms where rugs look fab on terracotta tiles. But of course it’s more conventional in a country kitchen, where tiles bring a slice of France or Tuscany, in your stunning new-build, right by the ocean in WA.

As well as its durability and ageing qualities it’s very compatible with contemporary stone, marble and metallic surfaces as well. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to work on due to the porous nature of the tiles.

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50 shades of green


From bright green to dark green – green is set to be on trend in 2017.

Green works perfectly with both natural and dark timbers and can even be matched with metallic. Look at the combination of fabrics and textures of wood and furnishings you can achieve. Different geometric bedding designs, velvet bedheads, and woolen throws all seem to ‘pop’ when put with recycled timber floors or parquet. Fabrics are fabulous with timber flooring and paneling. Speak to our design team for some fabulous ideas…. 


From catwalks to your home


Spotted on the fashion runways of New York, mixed patterns and ‘upcycled’ pressed tin paneling may even find their way into our homes.

Due to the bright and bold nature of mix-matched items, these are best utilised as statement pieces which will add character to a brand newly built, contemporary house.

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