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Need More Space In Your Home?

7 April 2017

Most homeowners will face the issue of running out of space, however you don’t have to be one of them. Learn these clever space-saving tips and tricks for beautifully organised and functional spaces.  

In every home, regardless of how big or small, there is always a need for more space. Every year we end up accumulating more ‘stuff’; be it travel souvenirs, new clothes, gifts, updated technology or furnishings – that with less room to store it, our house (and our minds) becomes quite cluttered.

Pondering whether you can fit a home office nook into your kids’ activity room? Having trouble fitting both partners’ beauty and grooming products into the cramped bathroom cabinets? Everybody’s requirements and needs are different, what are yours?

What we all need in our homes is more space to make it welcoming and inviting, while cleverly storing the stuff we’ve collected over our lives and want to hang onto.

 Simple things to help make more space immediately are:

  • Hanging things up – no clothes or stuff on the ground, put them back where they belong.
  • Thinking vertically – using the wall, hanging from the ceiling, bookcases.
  • Creative space storing solutions – back of the door, adhesive hooks on the wall, under the bed.
  • Multi-purposeful furniture that also acts as storage – ottomans, coffee tables, custom beds.

To make the task of maximising space in your home easy, let’s start with the rooms of your home you spend the most time in. Once you get started, you’ll start to find the room becoming much more harmonious. 

1. Open up the entryway

The entryway is the first area of the home that welcomes guests and sees your family off to work or school every day. It should be functional and have plenty of space for people to manoeuvre quickly and efficiently in.

A great way to maximise space in the entryway is by placing a side and narrow bench to the entryway (or a sitting area nook, depending on the layout of the entryway), where car keys, books or a large living plant can sit. You can never go wrong with a practical bench near the entryway, as it helps ensure bits and bobs don’t get lost as you rush in and out of that door. Don’t have space for a bench? Go for wall mounted hooks, open shelving and a classic hat/coat stand (fantastic for kids’ backpacks too). One last tip: place a large mirror on the wall to reflect the rest of your home to really maximise the space in your entryway and give the illusion it’s bigger than it really is.

A functional entry way of the home without hassle. A long length mirror helps reflect the rest of your home to maximise the illusion of even more space. 


2. Make your kitchen easy to cook in

The kitchen is the busiest room of your entire home, so it must be functional, welcoming and an enjoyable place to cook meals and make snacks for entertaining guests.  

Start with the pantry first, adding vertical storage shelving, or using drawer organisers for dry goods and food storage containers.

Drink wine, or enjoy your liquor? Consider adding a liquor cabinet or wine rack at the end of your kitchen breakfast bar.

Too many pots and pans lying around? Consider installing an overhead pot and pan storage to free up that space below your counters.

Perhaps the best trick to create more space in the kitchen is the colour white. Light reflects and bounces off white, making the room appear larger than what it is. A white kitchen is modern and clean.

The perfect clean, spacious kitchen with select food and wine on display! 


3. Bathroom essentials only

The bathroom is often the first room you use in the morning and out of all the rooms in the house, bathrooms tend to have the worst storage, especially with shared bathrooms.

Kids can utilise open shelving and baskets under the sink. Behind the door can house small electrical beauty appliances when not in use. Re-purposing a shower organiser can turn into a life-saving space saver that also holds makeup, combs and brushes, jewellery and even accessories such as scarves and belts.

Some tricks to bring the illusion of more space is having a large mirror, a window to bring in natural light and patterned tiles to make a small space look bigger than it really is. 

A bathroom without the fuss, but has plenty of in-built drawers to ensure things are kept tidy and away. The floor pattern adds a nice illusion  touch to bring more space into the area. 

4. Open up the open living room

We’ve all noticed how the living room and family room get the messiest without even trying. These rooms get a lot traffic – from friends dropping over, the family watching television, or the dog cheekily jumping out on the sofa to snooze. Make the living room more spacious by utilising clever multi-purposeful furniture that also acts as storage – think a coffee table that also has drawers, or a footrest with a hidden storage area.

Consider getting a proper cabinet to house your TV and DVD player, with added compartments and cabinets to store more video games and other entertainment stuff. One last tip – you can never go wrong with a traditional bookcase – to not only store books, but put other accessories on display.

You will love having hidden storage space in the most busiest of rooms when packed with people – it helps makes so much more room!

A narrow open plan? No problem. Accentuate space by playing around with the colour scheme too, while also investing in a cabinet to house your TV and other ‘stuff’. 

5. Multipurpose a room: Activity and home office

More families are multi-purposing rooms to get more functionality and to maximise space in their home.

Do you use your home office regularly for work, but your kids also need a computer for their homework? Looking for an area to set up a ‘kids’ corner’ or your ping pong table, but also need an area for office supplies?

Set up a room that acts as both an activity and a home office by being strategic with your layout and multi-purpose furniture (that also carries clever storage). Consider purchasing a multi-functional office desk that can be customised in size and length, or go for file drawers, desk organisers, wall cabinets and wall-mounted bookshelves.

Experiment with colours to enhance the look of the space – like a long, narrow painting on the wall, or a large, bright patterned rug to bring more life into a small room.

A one-size fits all kind of ‘Home Office’ that also doubles as a kids room and activity. Notice how the furniture (and artwork) are all narrow – to help create the illusion of more space in the centre.


6. Make the most of your bedroom

Bedrooms are a refuge from the home, by maximising space in your bedroom you will rest easy and feel less stressed finding where all your things are. Little things like ensuring your closets and drawers are closed properly, picking clothes up off the ground and storing out of season clothing into an underbed storage container all help relieve space immediately.

When it comes to the kids’ bedrooms, whether they are a toddler or a teenager, their rooms should be a reflection of them – a place to dream, play, study and feel safe in. Create zones in their bedroom for each by hanging artwork and assignments on a bulletin board, stick self-adhesive hooks on the wall for off-the-floor storage, or hang wire for another way they could ‘peg’ up their stuff. You’ll find by helping keep things off the ground, your kids bedroom will be easier to walk through for both you and them – and that makes for a less stressed kid! 

Now here’s a master bedroom that packs a punch when it comes to in-build storage drawers, seen extending right into the open ensuite.  


7. Outdoor should reflect the interiors

When it comes to space saving outside, ensure your landscaping hasn’t overgrown and does not look ‘unkept’. This can give the illusion of a cramped and unwelcoming home on the inside.

Keep your lawn maintained, flowerbeds tidy and your garden weed-free to ensure your front entry (and back entry) is welcoming as well as clean.

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Don’t have time for high-maintenance landscaping designs? Consider having timber decking or concrete tiles in your backyard with minimal areas of grass and garden beds. This requires less demand from you while looking great all year-round.

Need extra storage? Creating bench seating with inner storage is a great way to maximise the functionality and space of your backyard and entertaining areas. This will become the best place to hide pillows, BBQ or gardening equipment and even the kid’s toys - out of sight out of mind.

The illusion of far more backyard space can be achieved by minimalism and strategic layout of planting areas. Timber decking in the backyard requires less effort in keeping your backyard tidy.

All in all, making room when there is none doesn't have to be a challenge. Whether you live in a big 4x4 home or a 3x2 narrow lot home – you can maximise your space by taking full advantage by utilising clever storage techniques and investing in furniture that acts in more ways than one. Another good tip is to think vertically rather than horizontally when it comes to making room where there is none.

Let’s look on the bright side of living in a smaller space - it ensures you only keep what you absolutely need! Have fun cleaning clutter and feeling good about it.

For more space saving advice, visit our other blog, Storage is King – Creative Storage Ideas for your Home.

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