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Make Your Walls Pop: Wallpaper Inspiration

19 April 2017

Make your walls pop with wallpaper, one of the best interior design tricks out there to transform your home instantly. Be inspired to bring a little pattern to your walls with these impressive examples.

If you keep up with the interior design world, then you know that wallpaper is always on trend. Considered one of the best interior design hacks out there, adding a pop of colour or pattern to your empty walls will brighten, re-energise and transform any room, requiring minimal effort and most importantly cost.

While some of us may remember the horrific ceiling borders from the 1980’s or your grandmothers current dated yellow fleur-de-lis, wallpaper has thankfully evolved in recent years both in appearance and practicality.

You can get feminine florals, geometric looks, exposed brick, modern prints, vintage prints, metallic prints, graphic prints and in every colour and pattern imaginable. You could even get hand painted silk wallpapers or better yet – removable wallpapers – great for those who like to swap for the season, have children (who will likely outgrow Thomas the Tank Engine) or are currently renting.

One of the best things about wallpaper is, unlike paint which is generally one colour on a wall, wallpaper has unique colour patterns that add depth and boldness without being overwhelming. For example, if you want to introduce a bold hue through the walls it may look childish in paint, but with wallpaper it could look sophisticated and chic.

Another great thing about wallpaper is if your budget is tight, just use it on an accent wall. And since it will be on the ‘accent wall’ – let that wall be the standout with the most colour in the room!

To kickstart your wallpaper inspiration, here are a variety of ways you can make your own walls ‘pop’ with these stunning examples from Plunkett Homes’ very own display homes.

Industrial Look ‘On Point’: Exposed brick warehouse wallpaper gives ‘oomph’ to this otherwise neutral colour schemed living room at the Amherst Display Home in Banjup by Plunkett Homes.

Elegant abstract patterns with touches of blue and black adorn this wallpaper, a balanced uni-sex look for a shared master suite at the Amherst Display Home in Banjup by Plunkett Homes. 

Go bold or go home: mosaic-inspired tiling seen in this bedroom wallpaper for something refreshingly different and fun. Find a bedside nightstand that matches or compliments a main colour in the wallpaper as seen here at the Colorado Display Home in Aveley by Plunkett Homes.  

Taking it back to basics with just the right amount of ‘pop’: a black/white washed-off wallpaper adds an artistic touch to this theatre room at the Colorado Display Home in Aveley by Plunkett Homes.  

Textured-look wallpaper seen on this living room’s accent wall, adding a glamorous, yet somewhat masculine-chic vibe to the space. Being the standout wall in the open plan, the furniture and accessories are either white or neutral schemed at the Vermont Display Home in Clarkson by Plunkett Homes. 

Love travelling? Consider buying wallpaper that features designs inspired by Paris, Japan or Thailand to name some. This bedroom features beautiful designer-artwork that gives it an almost modern Parisian feel at the Vermont Display Home in Clarkson by Plunkett Homes. 

Yes, the home office is one of the more ‘serious’ rooms in the house for work and study, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be given a little update. Make working at home more bearable with an accent wall that motivates and inspires you at the Southampton Display Home in Southern River by Plunkett Homes. 

Not keen on loud and brash wallpaper designs? There are conservative wallpaper looks out there too, where small prints can still look just as effective, especially when contrasted nicely with colour in the space. Seen inside the Southampton Display Home in Southern River by Plunkett Homes. 

Don’t be afraid to play with bright colour! If there is pink seen in your wallpaper, you can ‘dull’ it down by having a colour scheme featuring browns and purples in the room. As seen in the Rhodes Display Home in Jindalee by Plunkett Homes. 

Head to the dark side with wallpaper that is moody – perfect for the theatre room. Seen at the North Hampton Display Home in Australind by Plunkett Homes. 

Who said ensuites have to be white? This green wallpaper gives a glamorous French movie star vibe to the bathroom, and with the help of architectural elements to break up the pattern – it doesn’t look over the top. Seen at the Riviera Display Home in Wandi by Plunkett Homes. 


Remember, wallpapers are there to make a statement and transform your space. Go for something exciting. If you choose a wallpaper to go with everything, then it won’t go with anything. Wallpaper is not for the timid – go big, or go home! Have fun!


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