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Make The Right Floor Choice For Your New Home

23 March 2017

Where to start and what is the best for your needs? Tiles, carpet, timber, laminate or vinyl?

Choosing the right flooring for your home isn’t as cut and dry as you would think – tiles in the living room and carpet in the bedroom! There are many variables which need to be considered:

  • Room size.
  • Functionality.
  • Type of product.
  • Colour.
  • Foot traffic.
  • Children.
  • Pets
  • Direct sunlight
  • Asthma and allergies.


The kitchen is a very important part of any home and your floor choice needs to be a combination of visual appeal and durability. It is the highest traffic area in the house and is an area subject to constant spills and dropping of plates, mugs and of course toast - usually butter side down!

We recommend a durable and easy to clean flooring with wooden floorboards being an optimal choice. However for those on a tighter budget, laminated flooring and sheet vinyl loose lay can provide similar style, however at a reduced cost and quality compared to timber.

Tiles can also be a viable option in kitchens as they look stylish and are easy to clean. However two things to consider are firstly, chipping of tiles - make sure you select a tile that is durable and if the tile does chip the tile colour runs throughout – making the chip less noticeable.

Secondly, it is important to factor in the grout between the tiles – due to the high traffic area of the kitchen your once nice white grout will become dirty very quickly. So it is important to try to minimise the space between titles, otherwise you could be forever trying to clean tile grout to match your sparkling clean tiles.

Be Inspired: The Northwestern Display Home featuring light stone tiles, instantly bring brightness and contrast to the kitchen, while providing a durable surface.



In today’s home the kitchen is often the central part of a home with the lounge and living area becoming an extension of the kitchen. So it’s important that your flooring choice works across both areas of the house.

Therefore the lounge and living areas should also follow the same rules of the kitchen with a durable and easy to clean flooring.

Ideally flooring in the living areas should make the space lively and funky – so try to stay away from dark and dull flooring choices. To help liven the space and bring some softness to hard flooring choices, add a rug under your dining table or between your couch and the TV.

Be Inspired: The Riviera display home is a perfect example of the kitchen and living space becoming one. Softness is added to the living room with the addition of oversize couches and a lush light grey rug.



The main question facing bedroom choices today is – to carpet or not to carpet? You spend a lot of time in your bedroom (mainly sleeping or bingeing on Netflix) but it is important that you choose the flooring that suits your habits.


Carpet has long been the standard in bedrooms for many years, helping to provide a soft and visual warmth to the room.

Carpet Pros

  • Soft under foot.
  • Provides added warmth.
  • Cost effective.
  • Sound-dampening.
  • Easy to replace/update.

Carpet Cons

  • Not durable – can wear easily.
  • Can easily stain.
  • Captures and collects dust and dirt providing health concerns for those that suffer from allergies and asthma.
  • Rooms with carpet and direct sunlight can heat up in the summer months.
  • Not pet-friendly.

Be Inspired: The  Vermont display home main bedroom features carpet that is soft in colour but firm and durable in texture.


Hard Flooring

The thought of having hard flooring in your bedroom just a few years ago would have been considered crazy, now however having timber flooring or tiles is considered sophisticated and stylish.

Hard Flooring Pros

  • Durable – tiles and timber flooring can last forever.
  • Cooler during the summer months.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hard flooring doesn’t trap dust and allergens, making it a healthier option for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.
  • Increase salability of your house.

Hard Flooring Cons

  • Unforgiving surface.
  • Sound can echo.
  • Cold during winter.
  • More expensive than carpet.
  • Permanent – once you have floorboards or tiles down, they are a lot harder to replace/update.


If you are deciding to go with a hard floor in your bedroom then adding a rug under the bed is ideal to add a softer feel to your room, as well as added style with a splash of colour and personality.

Be Inspired: The Southampton display home wooden floorboards add a touch of luxury to the main bedroom, while the rug brings added comfort.



Wondering what is the best flooring for a home theatre?

The short answer is carpet, however before you make your final decision there are many variables to consider; acoustics, comfort, style and budget with some home owners taking preference to different variables.

Since theatre rooms became a standard in new home design, they have commonly been fitted with carpet for three main reasons:

1. Better acoustic experience.

2. Added comfort.

3. Cheaper than hard flooring.

Hard floors are not ideal for enhancing your theatre room’s sound, as soundwaves are allowed to easily bounce off hard surfaces resulting in loss of audio clarity. Carpet absorbs the sound and most importantly for those that it’s all about the bass, frequencies travel low to the ground, making a carpeted floor perfect to enhance your theatre room’s base.

Carpet also provides an added level of comfort to a theatre room, allowing added room for the kids to play while you watch the latest blockbuster.

If carpet is your choice for flooring, choosing the right carpet is essential. Think thick, soft and lush carpet providing your room with added comfort and bass levels. Just make sure not to spill any drinks!

If you are wanting to have a hard flooring due to its style benefits it is essential. that you add a rug to the room. Much like the carpet the rug you choose should be quite thick and lush to help with sound absorption and comfort.

Also a few tips for selecting the right size rug for your theatre:

·      Make sure that it is big enough so you can walk around the coffee table while being on the rug.

·      The rug should approximately be the length and width of the furniture within the space ie couch or TV cabinet.

·      The rug should also be equal distance between adjacent furnishings.

Be Inspired: The Riviera display home with a soft plush carpet adds luxury and enhances room acoustics at the same time.



Bathroom floors don’t always have to be a standard dull white or grey square tile. Bathrooms are now becoming statement rooms adding a sense of luxury and style to your home with the tiles you select playing an important part in the overall style.

One thing that is a must when deciding on the right flooring for your bathroom is to select a surface that is durable, water friendly and most importantly a surface that is slip-resistant.



One of the most budget-friendly floorings available, vinyl is easy to clean, waterproof, and stain-proof. Choosing a top-quality sheet vinyl will reduce areas where water can seep through, providing a hassle free and cost effective bathroom floor solution.



For most home owners tiles are the number one and only choice for bathroom floors. Tiles tick all the boxes or a bathroom surface: water resistant (check), durable (check), safe (check) and stylish (check).

When choosing tiles for your bathroom floor think outside of the normal square white or grey tiles and bring some life and personality to the room. For safety stay away from polished finishes as these can become slippery when wet.

Be Inspired: The Verona display home has soft marble pattern tiles from floor to ceiling is a prime example of how to add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Now that you have your flooring all picked out, complete the look with further inspiration from our Home and Lifestyle Blog or dream bigger and browse our display homes.

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