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Latest Home Trends For Dog Owners

11 April 2017

One of the huge benefits of being a home owner is being able to have pets.

Every dog owner knows that dogs are a very important part of the family. They bring happiness, unconditional love and joy to our life. After a long and hard day at work, nothing beats coming home to a wagging tail from someone so excited to see us.

Put a smile on their dial by enhancing your home with the latest dog-friendly home trends.  Not only will your home still be stylish, it will also be functional and practical for dog owners on the go.


Here are 5 quirky ways to decorate and optimise your home for your best friend.


1. A Dog Washing Station

After a hard day of chasing bugs and (hopefully not) digging holes in the garden, there’s nothing more important than having a pooch cleaned up before they come running inside.

A dog washing station is a great idea for dog owners who love their pets, but want to prevent muddy paw prints on the floor or on the carpet inside.

Minimise a stinky dog and the spread of dirt into your beautiful home with a nifty dog washing station set up outside in your backyard. 

Don’t have the time or expense to create a dog washing station outside? Consider multi-purposing your laundry room if there is space. The laundry is the perfect place to arrange a dog washing station as they are designed to deal with wet conditions. Alternatively, you could always buy a professional bathing station for dogs online, which are equipped with a ladder or ramp and some can be put indoors too.

A dog washing station is a practical necessity for any dog owners home. End professional bathing, and save money in the long run with your own! Photo Credit: 


2. A Pet Portrait

Capture your special fur baby’s good side in artwork you can display in your home!

Did you know? There are many available services online where you can have your pet’s portrait commissioned into an original custom-made piece of art for your home.

Yes, the internet is full of marvelous things, and having your pet’s face imprinted onto a pillow that you can hug (while hugging your pet) is one of them. This can also make for a great gift, or even a way to memorialise a past pet.

You could have your pet’s photo custom made onto:

  • Pillows
  • Acrylic/Oil/Pastel Painting
  • Framed Photograph
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Art Print
  • Papercut / Digital
  • Sculptures
  • Embroidery
  • Story Book
  • Ornaments

Stuck on where to start with so many ideas? Give renowned global site Etsy a look for crafty pet portrait ideas and options for your dog. Alternatively, head to the inspiring Pinterest for loads of cute pet portrait ideas.

A personalised Pet Portrait Papercut, made from high quality paper, complete with frame. A nice gift idea! Simply send them a photo of your dog and they will redraw it. Photo Credit: Twenty Fingers (hyperlink: )


3. A Creative Dog House

Explore some outrageous, clever and unique canine homes available to purchase online, or go DIY with the dog house.

Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, are den animals – they love having a special outdoor house to call their own, where they can nap safe and sound away from the weather and those pesky, neighbour cats.

Dog houses are fairly simple projects and can be completed by someone with even the most basic of building skills. With many free dog house plans available on the internet to help build your dog’s dream home, you’ll be sure to find something easy enough to follow and the right fit for your pup.

If you’re super handy or know someone who is, that’s when you can go the extra mile with creativity and turn your dog house into something outrageous – like a space ship, or a mini mansion, complete with its own windows. Will your dog appreciate the details? Probably not – but you certainly will!

If you provide a comfortable and inviting space just for them to hang out in (indoors or outdoors) and give them the time to adjust, then it may just become their new favourite spot. To help them adjust to their new home, sit with them at their new kennel to relax them and show them it’s completely safe.

These pugs are having a great time in their fancy pants London style apartment. Get creative with your dog house! Credit: DIY Network ( )


4. Pet Feeder Station

When it comes to feeding time, we never really think about whether our furry friends are in a comfortable eating position.

For some dogs, eating excitedly out of a standard light-weighted bowl is just not secure enough as they end up moving the bowl around the floor while they eat and often leave trail of mess behind as they do.

Combat this by replacing your standard bowl with a secure pet feeder station – it will help minimise mess and keep ants at bay. There are a range of pet feeder stations out there to choose from, with some being bowls in an elevated table, to wall-fitted pet feeders set to the dog’s height.

Some pet feeders are high-tech too. You could get a convenient automatic feeder system that lets you set the timer for each meal up to 48 hours in advance, where even the portions can be controlled for a healthier pet.

A cheaper alternative? Just go for something elevated if you can – a raised dog bowl made of sturdy, strong material that can withstand even the hungriest of dog is what you need! 

Baxter is one spoiled pooch. This hanging feeder eliminates the problem of accidentally kicking the pet bowls while looking classy. Credit:


5. Dog Apps for Dog Owners

As technology addresses our real life needs more each day, companies and non-profit organisations are creating apps to make sure every Fido, Max, Buddy and Princess Poodle receives the attention he or she deserves too.

There are countless dog-focused apps out on the market (some free and some paid premium) that promise to make your daily tasks easier – whether it is setting daily reminders for feeding or walking, tracking your dog while you’re not at home, to helping you provide your dog with first aid treatment.

One popular Dog App for example, is Tagg – the Pet Tracker a GPS-enabled tracking service that helps you make sure your pet is safe at home and not lost, it can also monitor if they are getting enough exercise throughout the day.

Paired with its companion, the Tagg Tracker (which you can attach onto its collar) you are able to get all the perks of location and activity tracking for your dog sent straight to your phone.

A new era of pet care has begun, thanks to technology! Which apps will you be downloading for you and your furry friend? 

Tagg is essentially a GPS attachment for your dog's collar that syncs with the Tagg app on your phone. Available on iOS and Android. Screenshot Courtesy of Tagg


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