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It's all about give and take

15 May 2020

So, you’ve found a block in a great location that’s come within your budget, and now you’re trying to find the ultimate floor plan to suit the block and your lifestyle but not quite nailing it?


Designing a home for a small or awkward shaped block is a challenge our design team relish, and we’ve picked their brains for different adjustments you can make to maximise your useable living space.


European Laundry

When it comes to ‘adulting’, doing laundry is one of our least favourite jobs, so do you really need to dedicate a whole room to this?

The average laundry size is roughly 6 square meters, and if you think this space could be better utilised elsewhere, look into installing a European laundry.

For the uninitiated, a European laundry is a laundry inside of a cupboard, often situated in a hallway, and will generally include a washing machine, a dryer, a small laundry sink and some cabinetry.


Things to consider when deciding if a European laundry is right for you:
  • If you are going to have a dryer, you will need to consider ventilation, and purchase a condenser or heat pump dryer
  • Mounting your dryer to the wall above your washing machine will free up floor space
  • Space for laundry hampers. Consider a cupboard layout that will accommodate this.
  • Having dedicated lighting within the cavity, and any that you can set on a sensor so it comes on automatically when the door opens, even better
  • Installing solid doors to reduce noise

Sliding Door Wardrobes

If you’re conscious of space, opt for sliding door robes over walk-ins every time.

Sure, walk-in robes do have a sense of luxury about them, but when it comes to actual useable storage space an in-line with sliding doors trumps a corner walk-in robe every time.

But what about in-line walk-in robes, you ask?

Well, true, the accessible storage is the same as their sliding door counterparts, but you will also need to allow room for the wall itself, as well as at least one meter of clearance between the wall and the shelving, not to mention you may not have the same access to natural light as you would with sliding robe door robe.


Investing in built-in kitchen cabinetry is a smart move to make when trying to fit the most function into a tight space. Again, walk-in pantry’s do give us a sense of luxury, but the corners not only take up a lot of room, they also become a bit of a lost zone for out of date food.

A laminate pantry, along with overhead cupboards and an enclosed rangehood, not only provides plentiful storage but also makes the kitchen feel sleek and stylish.

Outdoor Storage

If you’ve snagged a neat parcel of land close to the city, you may not be as heavily reliant on a car as you would be in the outer suburbs, so do you really need a double garage?

In short, for re-sale, yes, a double garage is always going to appeal to buyers over a single, even if they only have one car. Why? Because of enclosed outdoor storage.

Let’s be honest, how many of us just park our cars in the garage? Secure storage, especially for things that are too messy or impractical to store inside, such as bikes, kayaks, or Christmas decorations, is an asset to any home.

Built-in cabinetry where ever you can

If space really is at a premium, take the stress out of selecting the right furniture post-handover and opt for built-in cabinetry as a part of your building contract. It may seem expensive at the time, but think of it this way, how much time and money you would be spending searching for TV units, buffets, and wall units to fit a specific space, and imagine if it didn’t fit!

By adding built in cabinetry during construction, you have the ability to match finishes and get a tailor-made product to suit the look of your home.


Our team of Sales and Design Consultants have a wealth of knowledge and the experience needed to create stunning, functional homes on small and irregular-shaped blocks.
Together, they have a total of 77 years working for Plunkett, and over 200 years of experience within the residential building industry, so it’s safe to say, they’ve seen it all before.

You can’t put a price on experience, and by having an open and honest conversation about your budget and needs, they will be able to create a home you can be ‘Plunkett Proud’ of.

When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to listen.

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