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Interior Design Secrets for the Perfect Kids Room

8 March 2017

Let kids be kids in a sanctuary designed just for them, where they can play, learn, sleep and dream. 

When it comes to transforming a bedroom, activity room or games room into a creative space for kids to grow and play in, you should aim for a design that celebrates creativity and fun, while representing their individual style and stimulating their imagination.

Find out the secrets to creating the perfect kids room below, where we list 10 ways to transform any room into a kid-friendly retreat.

A great example showing how to utilise a small space for the kids. You could add a fun teepee reading corner with a large, durable rug, toy storage and wall bookshelves. Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Top 10 Ways to Create the Perfect Kids Room:

  1. Choose a Theme in your Child’s Interests – Is your child the next singer, or NASA Space Astronaut? Do they like trains or Ballerinas? Choosing a theme and colour scheme to suit their personality and ambitions will encourage their imagination and help motivate them.
  2. Go Crazy with Colours, Decals & Patterns – Don’t leave it just to the wall paint to show off your child’s favourite shades, wall decals, stickers and stencils are a great way to bring personality to the walls. Go crazy with colourful accessories, like bright pillows, patterned rugs, lamps or beaded entryways for an immediate room update.
  3. Homework Friendly – If your child is due to start school or their homework is growing by the day, consider adding a functional desk and chair to ensure they have somewhere to focus and study, while still offering an imaginative space to draw and create.
  4. Vertical Space – Utilise space on the walls with bookshelves (floating or standing), tallboys and other functional storage pieces. From the moment your child is born, they collect a lot of stuff, from toys through to books.
  5. Book Reading Corner – If there is a spare corner or nook in your kids room, consider adding a multi-tasking bookshelf to help clear clutter and encourage reading. Put a plush sofa or teepee in the space for extra cozy comfortability.
  6. Create a Craft Station – Provide a space for them in the room to be creative. Chalkboard and whiteboard stands, a canvas with crayons, DIY kid-friendly playdoh will keep them self-entertained and not relying on iPad games too much.
  7. Easy Storage Seating (Ottomans and Bedding Boxes) – Not only will they add that ‘professionally styled’ touch to your kids room, but they also cleverly double as storage if cupboard space is short.
  8. Create a One-of-a-Kind Bed – Transform their bed into something they will truly love, and feel safe and secure in. How about a teepee style bed, a race car shaped bed, or a bed with princess drapes?
  9. Hardwearing Furniture and flooring – A captain-obvious one, but a kid’s room almost needs to be virtually indestructible – sometimes it’s worth spending the extra money to ensure the furniture will stand the day to day destruction of kids! Also think about the type of flooring you want, especially something that will make it easy to clean up after food and drink spillages!
  10. Listen to your child – If you find your child wants to select what they wear each day, chances are they will also voice their preferences for room colour and accessories as well. Give them the freedom of independent choice (within fair reason), and you will have one happy little camper that feels loved and listened to.

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