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How to Create A Private Retreat In Your Own Home

13 March 2017

Create your own private retreat at home so you can get away, without actually going anywhere. 

It seems every minute of every day we are confronted with some form of media to distract us. This can create tension and stress, and too often than not, making us feel bombarded with information where we end up losing our drive and focus.

Take some time out to unwind, relax and reset by switching off the technology and creating a private retreat in your own home that brings back the holiday vibes you know and love.

What comes to mind when you hear the word retreat? Do you picture yourself rugged up in a log cabin nestled by the fire while it snows outside? Do you think of yourself practicing yoga on the beach? Or how about lounging by a crystal-clear swimming pool while working on your tan? 

Save money on renting out paradise villas on Airbnb, by creating your own retreat at home, and no, you don’t need a swimming pool to make it happen! Photo Credit: AirBnb

Whatever your idea is of a retreat, why not bring some of these positive-feeling elements back into your own home. For one, it’s not free, and for another, you can combine it with other things you might not find in a typical retreat too, which makes it all the more a fun and creative project for you to work on.

The benefits of having a dedicated private retreat at home are two-fold, not only does it look good, but also has the added health benefits of restoring your energy and sparking creativity.

Let’s get started on how to create a private retreat in your own home with inspirational images taken out of our very own display homes to kick-start your creativity today:


Start with the Outdoors

When it comes to creating a personal retreat, immediately having it placed outdoors comes to mind, and rightfully so.  Building a retreat outside with nature is part of the whole allure of leaving behind modern-day distractions. It helps you to relax while you listen to the birds chirp and the water fountain tinkle. Plus, it’s been said, a little Vitamin D and fresh air nourishes the mind and soul!

You can start by creating an outdoor lounging spot. Maybe a restful nook on the patio, balcony or porch with the help of hanging butterfly chairs, or why not go for the old swinging chair for that cottage charm. Alternatively, be quirky with outside bean bags, or go for a luxurious sunbed that beckons you to relax in.

To go one step further (and if you have the space for it in your backyard) is to build pergola or cabana. By adding drapes to the outskirts of the pergola, you could create a retreat that has that resort feel.

Don’t forget to use plenty of plants too. They make a big difference to a retreat by setting the mood for privacy and restful moments of contemplation. To evoke that tropical vibe, go for tropical style greenery to bring the area to lush life. Alternatively, for those seeking low-maintenance (and therefore low cost) plant options, consider buying native flora and fauna to your region, and getting the ones that provide you the privacy, style and vibes you desire.

Here are some great examples of outdoor spaces that lay the foundation for a stunning home-made resort:

Be Inspired: An outdoor setting that brings the outside in, and vice versa. The North Hampton Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Australind.  

Be Inspired: Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into a little retreat just by adding plants. The Southampton Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Southern River.

Be Inspired: Turn a space private by using dividers – like bamboo, plants or screen dividers. The Newtown Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Vasse. 

Be Inspired: For instant retreat-vibes, just add greenery and pebbles. The Shiraz Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Milbridge. 

Be Inspired: A courtyard to envy with minimal effort required. The Riviera Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Wandi. 

Be Inspired: A classic and simple alfresco with rattan chairs and stylish fencing for neighbour privacy. The Verona Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Baldivis.  


Bring the Outdoors In

When One surefire way to create your own private retreat at home is by imaging your dream setting, then introducing those elements of the place (real or imagined) into your home.

For example, if you imagine having a private outdoor spa (but can’t afford to) you could bring a few hints of that setting into your ensuite through greenery, pebbles, a different colour-scheme. O if you’re thinking of the coast, you could bring seashells and creative sculptures filled with sand into your bathroom. You get the idea.

Is your living room a bit bland that leaves you feeling uninspired? Update your indoor furnishings, accessories and adorn stunning artwork on the wall to create an expansive feel.

Wish you had an outdoor kitchen area for preparing food but don’t? Bring the outdoors into your kitchen by displaying fresh fruit and produce. A proper resort always has the healthiest, gourmet food on offer!

The best thing about bringing the outdoors into your home is you can enjoy a connection with nature on a daily basis, regardless of temperature and weather.

Be Inspired: A theatre room turned into an inside private retreat, complete with the mahogany lounge, ottoman and wine!  The Stirling Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Milpara. 

Be Inspired: Upstairs getaway retreat for adults - connected to the mastersuite and complete with balcony. Seen at the Northwestern Display Home by Plunkett Homes, located in Hammond Park. 

Be Inspired: Splashback photography of the WA coast. The Cottesloe Display Home by Plunkett Homes. 

Be Inspired: A fun home office that will encourage creativity. The Oakbella Display Home built by Domain by Plunkett. Located in Harrisdale. 

Be Inspired: A simple but effective way to soothe and calm the living room with blue, white and grey. The Rushmore Display Home built by Domain by Plunkett. Located in Wellard. 


A Resort-Style Bedroom

Bedrooms can inspire resort-style relaxation too, and so they should for those who desire the most rested and sweetest of sleeps.

To enhance your bedroom with resort vibes, think about colours that relax you, inspire you or fuel your creativity – colours that bring you back to those places you love.

For example, tropical hues never fail to disappoint, and neither do shades of soothing blue. Don’t be afraid of rich tones either (like teal or purple), as rich colours can create a sense of happiness and decadence in your bedroom retreat.

Other immediate ways to revamp your bedroom are by using mismatched lamps for varying levels of vibrancy, adding images that set a relaxing tone, investing in plush pillows and maybe even a Parisian-style massage lounge. Don’t forget the importance of mood lighting either – as the right light setting can set the perfect chill vibe.

Be Inspired: A master suite with a screen door is luxurious. Swap the blinds for flowing drapes and you’re set! The Vermont Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Clarkson. 

Be Inspired: A bolder-schemed master suite that’s not afraid feature black contrasts. The Cardinal Display Home built by Domain by Plunkett, located in Whitby. 

Be Inspired: A master suite utilising Parisian-influenced leather furnishings. The Colorado Display Home by Plunkett Homes. Located in Aveley. 


Your Own Private Spa / Resort-Style Ensuite

Another strategy that fosters instant relaxation is bringing the spa style into the home, and there is no better way to create spa vibes than the powder room, bathroom or ensuite.

You can begin by adding some spa-inspired seating into your bathroom if you have the space, like a Bareclona Daybed by Mies van de Rohe, or for a more affordable option, incorporating a dainty vanity stool.

A large tropical floral arrangement in the bathroom will evoke the feel of a tropical resort, and a simple landscape painting can set the scene of what you’re trying to create.

Bathrooms can often be dimly lit due to poor natural and inbuilt lighting – you should aim to bring in as much fresh air as and natural light as possible. This opens up the space and makes it extra inviting to be in. Adding greenery – like flowers and plants – helps very much too, just make sure to pick plants that can survive the climate of a moist bathroom. Orchids, for example, are a gorgeous sturdy flower that flourishes in bathroom conditions.

Remember that clutter is the antithesis of relaxation. A cluttered bathroom counter covered in grooming products will not foster a sense of peace and calm. So to create the ultimate resort-style bathroom, you need a clean look that appreciates the simple pleasures in life.

Be Inspired: A minimalist ensuite design featuring the beautiful and sturdy orchid plant.  The Oakbella Display Home built by Domain by Plunkett. Located in Harrisdale. 

Be Inspired. Create resort vibes through the shower mosaic tiles. The Rushmore Display Home from Domain by Plunkett. Located in Wellard. 

Be Inspired. Be daring and opt for an entirely unique colour scheme in the ensuite. The Riviera  Display Home from Domain by Plunkett. Located in Wandi. 

And lastly…

Turn off any media devices, consider taking a break from the magazines and the TV - and just be!

Life is busy and often presents to us difficulties and challenges. Use your home as a place for restoring, refreshing and regrouping. You’ll find with a private retreat, you can refocus and feel uplifted to tackle any challenge that awaits you!

Look after yourself and enjoy the delightful journey of creating your own private retreat at home!


Visit a Retreat in the Flesh

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