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Essentials for Bathroom Design

13 April 2017

From layout and lighting, to fixtures and design details – we give you the absolute essentials to make a functional and stunning bathroom. 

Whether you’re updating your current bathroom, moving into a home or building a brand new home – when it comes to the bathroom, it’s an often-neglected space that gets a last-minute design to it.  

Considering the bathroom has a huge impact on your daily routine, while also influencing guests’ impressions, why not lay down the bare essentials for a quality bathroom design that will motivate you in the mornings, relax you in the evenings and impress guests like no other.

Here are 10 essential (and practical) items every bathroom needs to function properly while also helping to enhance the bathroom design:

  1. Vanity View (without the ‘loo’) – Set your bathroom up with a view of the vanity and give the toilet some privacy. If you have enough space, make the vanity the real feature (which could hide the toilet behind).
  2. Loads of Storage – Addicted to toiletries? The best place to store cosmetics and toiletries are in smart storage cabinets at eye level or below sinks level. For something extra unique, try creating a storage wall that runs the whole length of the bathroom.
  3. Ventilation – Bathrooms are ‘wet areas’ so you will want to avoid foggy mirrors, mould and damp with ventilation. Consider a ventilated skylight, roof window or even a big standard window. Ideally windows should be able to stay open 24/7 without letting in rain or insects.
  4. Light your face, Not the mirror  - Don’t blind yourself by the light in the mirror! Lighting the mirror instead of your face is a common mistake. The best lighting is wall mounted above or beside the mirror and provides a diffuse light to the face. Avoid ceiling mounted recessed downlights as they often cause shadows under the eyes.
  5. Easy clean – Try a wall hung toilet pan or flush to avoid having to clean all the little gaps. Consider having large wall and floor tiles to minimise the grout (or consider tight grout joints (1 – 1.5mm). And for a standard bathroom, try not having a benchtop, but just a basin so items aren’t left lying around and there is less surface to clean.
  6. Natural Light – Natural light is bright and free so why not make the most of it in your bathroom. Naturally-lit bathrooms are warmer and more inviting. If you’re unable to get good natural light, try using uplights to bounce light off the ceilings and walls.
  7. Non-slip shower – Think mosaic tiles, chips of tumbled marble or pebbles. Floors like these allow for better drainage and can be safer. With extra grout, seal them twice as recommended with a penetrating sealer to avoid discolouration.
  8. You can’t see the dust – Some floor tiles can hide the dirt between cleans, so look for tiles that are matte in finish, not too dark or too light and a bit grainy to look at. Great tiles for hiding dust and dirt are limestone or shellstone.
  9. Small floor tiles – Not a fan of large tiles? Small tiles (like mosaic tiles) are often more effective in creating a slip resistant finish and can allow you to be more creative with colours and patterns.
  10. Mirrored wall – A well placed mirror can double the feeling of space in your bathroom. The best mirrors run wall to wall without visible fixings so they can mirror the space perfectly. 

For some real-life bathroom design examples - Plunkett Homes have a range of bathroom designs that were truly built to impress. Which bathroom designs do you like the most?


A Modern, Simple & Elegant Design achieved with a Neutral Colour Scheme & Orchid

Seen in the North Hampton Display Home in Australind by Plunkett Homes. 


Statement Shower Tiles. Make your Bathroom ‘Pop’ with a Mix & Match Design

Seen in the Northwestern Display Home in Hammond Park by Plunkett Homes.


A Contemporary Ensuite with a Glamourous Hollywood Art Deco Inspired-Design

Seen in the Riviera Display Home in Wandi by Plunkett Homes.


A Neutral Design with Shades of Brown, Focused on Storage & Bench Space

Seen in the Southampton Display Home in Southern River by Plunkett Homes.


Experiment with ‘The Dark Side’ – Black or Navy Cabinets Design Idea

Seen in the Stirling Display Home in Milpara by Plunkett Homes.


Look to the Floor – Dark Tiles Contrast Nicely to a White Bathroom 

Seen in the Newtown Display Home in Vasse by Plunkett Homes.


Clean & Minimalist: Close to White, but Not Quite

Seen in the Amherst Display Home in Banjup by Plunkett Homes.


A Resort-Style Design with a Freestanding Bath  

Seen in the Modena Display Home in Woodvale by Plunkett Homes.


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