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A design for life

14 May 2020
We’ve been building homes since 1903 and over this time we’ve gained the ability to quickly and cleverly solve client’s design problems.

It’s a real skill to be able to visualise a space and work out what potential issues may arise from the design, and we’re lucky to have some very experienced team members on board who excel in this.

Our drafting manager Chris Gegoff began working with Plunkett in 1987, and with a career spanning over thirty years, there’s not many problems he hasn’t come up against, and found a way to overcome.

We’ve drawn on Chris' years of expertise to help you solve some problems before they exist, and here’s a list of 12 questions he recommends you answer before you sit down with a Sales and Design Consultant.


1. What kind of car do you drive?

The average double garage comes with a ceiling height of 25 courses of brick, which is fine for your average sedan, but if you drive a four-wheel drive or a car with roof racks, then raising the ceiling height to 31 courses and raising the garage opening to 28 courses will give you the peace of mind that your car will fit in your new garage.

2. What type of vacuum do you have?

If you clean with the freedom of a cordless stick vacuum, then you will probably want a clever place to be able to store and charge it when not in use, this may be inside a cupboard with access to a power point.  Same goes with robotic vacuums, putting a dedicated plate height power point in a concealed space for the docking station is a clever home hack you won’t regret.

If you prefer a traditional vacuum cleaner then locating extra power points in hallways will enable you to cover more ground when moving from room to room.

3. Do you work the same hours as your partner?

If the ensuite becomes a battleground between you and your partner each morning as you are both rushing to get out of the door, then a double shower and double vanity may be the way to go.


4. Where do you get ready in the morning?

If you find the morning routine can get a little chaotic, having a dedicated nook to sit and apply makeup and keep your jewellery can help put you in a great mood to start the day, as well as keep your bathroom benchtops looking clean and tidy.


5. Do you have kids?

We get it, it’s hard to have a beautiful home and also have small people residing there.

Having a dedicated and concealed drop zone large enough to accommodate school bags, books, coats and whatever else they might need easy access to each day will bring you closer to that pristine show home dream.


6. Do you have a pet?

We can’t design a home without thinking of our four-legged family members. Putting serious consideration into where their bedding will be kept and where you may bath them could even help them adjust to the new home quicker.

7. Do your kids fight over each other when getting ready each morning?

Here’s a design hack to keep everyone happy: by reconfiguring a traditional main bathroom and toilet to have the vanity unit outside and adjacent to the toilet, rather than inside the bathroom, you will free up space for all three to be used at the same time.


8. Do you play sport or engage in recreational activities?

It might help to design a dedicated space in your garage to allow for storage of surfboards, bike racks, camping and fishing equipment or bulky footy bags and boots.

9. Are you artistic or musical?

If you’re lucky enough to be musically or artistically gifted, or even just someone who enjoys these pursuits, why not treat yourself to a dedicated space in your home to house and practice your instrument or art equipment.


10. Do you work from home or have a home business?

Having a study or multi-purpose room at the front of the home with a separate entry will save clients from having to go through your home (and take the pressure off having to keep it spotless at all times).

11. Do you frequently receive deliveries?

It seems we all have our own unique interpretations of “left in a safe place”, particularly the posties. If you’ve been burned by postal thieves in the past, think about adding a design feature to the elevation of your home that would create a nook that is not visible from the road for a safe place to keep any unattended deliveries.


12. Are you a shift worker?

If peaceful sleep at irregular hours is something you strive for, then a master suite at the front of the home is probably not going to work for you. We recommend moving the master suite to the rear of the home, not only does this help cut out street noise, it is easy to segregate this zone from the rest of the home for the ultimate solitude.


There’s a lot of thought that goes into a home, and no doubt you’ve thought long and hard about what your dream home looks like and how you want to live in it.
By choosing the experienced team at Plunkett Homes to partner with on your building journey, you can be confident that our expertise will create you a home you will be ‘Plunkett Proud’ of for many years to come.
When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to listen.

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