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Colour Meanings – The Right Colours for Your Home

17 March 2017

Want to bring calm, energetic or confidence to your new home build? This is the colour guide for you.

There is no need to play it safe these days when it comes to the walls and colours in your home. It’s time to start thinking outside of the 50 shades of white/grey and bring some energy, style and pizazz into your home.

Just before you go throwing the same old colours together we have the perfect guide for you to identify what are the right primary colours and tones for your home and personality.



Green is the colour of growth and fresh starts. It’s the first colour that comes to mind when you think of nature.

A dark green wall can work perfectly as a feature wall, however if a green wall is a bit too much then simply adding a bright green chair, ‘green olive’ side table or ‘variegated’ green plant, will bring a splash of life and growth to your room.


Red promotes courage and fearlessness, which makes perfect sense, as red stands out by its very nature (red lips, nail varnish, a red dress etc.) While painting a whole wall red probably isn’t an ideal interior design tip – using subtle additions of red in a room help to work as a stimulant for your mood.

A little red colour can go a long way so there is no need to overdo it, think cushions, blanket, photo frame and dish/bowl, leaving you feeling confident to take on the world.

Light Blue

In need of calm vibes and peace in your sanctuary? Light blue dissolves tension and promotes tranquility by removing aggressive tendencies.

Light blue is also one of the most readily available colours so adding a calming nature to your home will be easy – think pillows, linen, headerboard, art works and throws.

Perhaps this also explains why it is a favourite baby room colour.


Once you know yellow is for you, you might get ‘yellow fever’ as many do, and want to paint a whole sitting room yellow, or have yellow Persian rugs in every room or hallway. But joking aside, yellow is a color known to increase focus, enhancing intelligence and mental agility.

So if super intelligence is what you crave then think sunflowers, artworks, side chairs, cushions, throws and table centerpieces. 


Could your home use some more love?

Pink is a colour that opens the heart – gentle and soothing in nature, it is the opposite of red - promoting love, tenderness and comfort.

Pink is best utilised in featured pieces through pillows, artworks, flowers and table runners.


Let’s get creative!

The colour orange is perfect for those who want to expand their thinking, as the vibrant hue reduces self-consciousness allowing you freedom and a perky outlook.

Orange is also the ideal colour to bring youthfulness to a room, making your home feel young and fun.

Being bright and fun, orange can be used for both big and small to transform the feel of a room. Thinking big, orange dominated artworks and even orange painted walls will be sure to bring good vibes to your home. Thinking small, then simply put an orange mouse pad on your office table, a pillow on the bed, or cushion on the sofa. 

Dark Blue

Suffer from being indecisive? Dark blue helps cut through the noise and helps you discover what is important in your life.

Dark blue colour also helps to brings a sense sophistication and confidence to your home – which relates to the power blue suit in business.

For best results add dark blue to your home through couches, cushions, lamps, rugs and even the walls. 


This will come as no surprise to you, as the colour aqua is associated with relaxing.

If you need some relaxation in your life then aqua is the colour for you. Aqua inspires trust and presents a calming effect when used in homes and is a perfect addition to bathrooms, bedrooms and lounge rooms.

Think duvet, headerboards, vases, pillows and throws to bring Zen to your home.

Colourful conclusion

Now that you are thinking clearer (dark blue), feeling confident (red) and have figured out exactly what you need (yellow) contact us today for a complimentary home design service.

Or if you are still looking for further inspiration (orange) visit one of our many display homes or read more interior design style and inspiration on our Home and Lifestyle blog.​

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