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Bricklayer builds 40-year career

17 February 2020

Award-winning bricklayer Tony Larosa brings more than 40 years of homebuilding experience to Plunkett Homes.

Born and bred in the Great Southern, the 2015 MBA Silver Trowel winner became part of our local team of trusted trades and suppliers in 2013.

Soon after joining us, he was picking up the region’s most prestigious bricklaying award for a Plunkett home he worked on in Willyung.

Shortly after that win, one of Tony’s employees built a home with Plunkett and won an MBA Silver Trowel Award for his work on that project.

“That’s an idea of the quality we keep,” says Tony, who runs Tony Larosa Bricklaying.

“Both homes were also that bit bigger and a little bit different, with features such as a round window in one and feature internal brickwork in the other,” he says.

Tony has also built a house with Plunkett, building an investment property with his daughter.

And yes, he looked after the brickwork!

Like Tony, many of our trusted trades have been with us for a long time. They bring consistency and reliability to every job, so that clients know they’re getting the quality home they’ve been promised.

From construction and fit-out, to the latest products and technology, our trades and suppliers bring their skills and expertise to home after home; year after year.

While many clients say seeing the walls going up is one of the most exciting parts of the build, bricklayers like Tony know their role is about more than just bricks and mortar.

When they start a job, we present them with a set of plans that they have to follow to the letter

“It’s about doing everything to the measurement and keeping everything clean and tidy on site,” Tony says.

In recent years, there have been changes to the type of brick being used thanks to a greater focus on energy efficiency. Two-course bricks that give homes the look of limestone have also become increasingly popular.

Tony says he enjoys the flexibility of his job and the fact that he’s working out in the fresh air.

“I also like being my own boss and my Plunkett site supervisor ensures the jobs are pretty smooth sailing,” he adds.

We’re discovering that our longstanding trades and suppliers are a pretty modest bunch, getting on with the job in hand without fuss or fanfare.

But we’re more than happy to put them in the spotlight, knowing that at the end of the day they’re the reason you can be proud to say you live in a home built by Plunkett.

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