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AFL Game Day: Become The Host With The Most

28 April 2017

Hosting an AFL Game Day at your house this year? Be the host with the most – we show you how to host a successful footy game at your house that will impress your guests with these effortless tips.

Australian’s love their AFL footy, drinking beers (or the wine) and cooking prawns and meat on the BBQ. So, what better excuse is there then to get your friends and family around your house for a fun AFL Game Day party?

The key to hosting friends and family for a successful AFL game at your house come down to the right preparation and perhaps a little re-arranging of your home furniture. 

Here’s how you can take your game to the next level with these great quick tips:

  • You can always ask guests to bring their own drinks, however a true party host will supply guest with a selection of refreshments for the day/night. Make sure to have all your drink groups covered full and mid strength beer, red, white, bubbles and non-alcoholic.
  • Consider yourself a mixer and shaker? Why not dazzle guest with a selection of cocktails – try the Purple Daze for your next Fremantle game - Recipe
  • Cheese, dip, antipastos, olives and cold meat platters with water crackers are ideal foods for snacking on. Or blow their minds with a Pizza bread Bowl (watch video)
  • While sausages, party pies and chicken wings are standard party food that are excellent for the time-poor host, consider exceeding guests’ expectations by trying something different (i.e. sushi or subway platters) or why not try something new and delicious like Chicken Parma Cups (watch video)
  • Half-time is the best time to step away and get on the cooking tools so you don’t miss any of the action. However, make sure that all food has been prepped before the game so that you can get cooking straight away and be back watching the game before the third quarter starts.
  • Have gaming entertainment on standby besides the TV – bring out the beer ping pong table, the foosball, Cards Against Humanity or pool table for some friendly, competitive fun (bonus points if you have a spa or swimming pool!).
  • Play Fantasy Footy? Set an iPad or laptop up showcasing live stats from AFL website or app. The game is even more interesting when you are cheering on individual players.
  • If kids are in attendance and they aren’t the biggest footy fans, think of ways to keep them occupied. Set up a board game, PlayStation or Xbox in another room or get them busy watching the Frozen movie for the 100th time.
  • Once your team wins be sure to have the surround sound system on full blast in the theatre/living room to sing-a-long with the song.


Sure, while a large screen TV, surround sound and drinks will create that instant party atmosphere, nothing beats a well-set up home that was designed for entertaining. Your home, and in particular the space where you want your guests to mainly congregate in, has to be designed well to allow for lots of movement and foot traffic.

To get an idea of how you should set up your home for entertaining, take a tour inside these display homes from Plunkett Homes – they show you how an AFL Game Day party at yours can kick off in true style.


A Kitchen with breakfast bench: Designed for cooking up a storm while entertaining.

A  masterchef’s kitchen paradise inside the Riviera Display Home in Wandi by Plunkett Homes.

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Make your living room walls ‘pop’ with statement wallpaper (And add that foosball and sculptural coffee table while you’re at it)

A bachelor pad’s dream inside the Amherst Display Home in Banjup by Plunkett Homes.


A necessary theatre investment: a long, comfortable and plush couch!

A cosy theatre room some may very well fall asleep in. Inside the Colorado Display Home in Aveley by Plunkett Homes.

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A necessary living room investment: lots of chairs & seating (don’t forget the bean bags!)

Lots of seating available for guests inside the Cardinal Display Home by Domain by Plunkett in Whitby.


Create an indoor/outdoor space for extra space & good air: Open the doors & windows 

Guests don’t like to feel restrained to one area – create a flow to the outdoors and keep the pressure of your inside space. At the Modena Display Home in Woodvale by Plunkett Homes.


Get the conversations going outside with a nicely set up alfresco setting

Footy is a winter game so a firepit in the alfresco is a perfect combination. Toasted marshmallows, anyone? Be inspired by the Riviera Display Home in Wandi by Plunkett Homes.

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Wise investment: Weatherproof, party-proof outdoor furniture

Are there party animals amongst your guests? Think ahead with durable and unbreakable furniture. Outside the Shiraz Display Home in Millbridge by Plunkett Homes.


Want to upgrade your entertaining game?

Plunkett Homes and Domain by Plunkett, have a great range of display homes to visit which have been designed with entertaining in mind. Consider checking out one of their displays next time you’re in their area for some home design inspiration. You can search the display homes here:

Plunkett Homes – Display Home Search

Domain by Plunkett Homes – Display Home Search


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