7 Ways to Add Your Personality to Your Home When Decorating

Home decor isn’t only about visual appeal. When you spend time in a space that’s infused with your personality, you feel emotionally uplifted and contented. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert interior designer to turn your home into a more aesthetically pleasing space. Your living spaces should ideally harmonise with your home design and its fixtures and fittings. Whether you’re simply seeking to bring more personality into your home or planning extensions or a new build, these deceptively simple decoration ideas will help you bring more personality into your house. With spaces that reflect your personality and create the ambience you love, you’re likely to feel more comfortable and happier with your home. Check out these seven easy ways to add personality and flair to your home.

1. Convey emotions with wall art

Wall art makes a big statement without taking up living space. Whether you paint your own works, love photography, or are a fan of impressionism, postmodernism, or another style, choose a piece of artwork that’s highly personal to you. Your art should ideally remind you of happy times and positive emotional experiences. Choose a conspicuous location for your wall art to help it make an impact. For example, you could hang it above your bed, fireplace, or along your staircase. You could create a wall collage of your favourite pieces. 

2. Mix your colour palette with vibrant colours

Choose vibrant colours for your colour palette to bring more personality into your interiors. Different colours and colour schemes can reflect specific decorating styles. For example, the ever-popular Hamptons style, with its open-plan living and alfresco areas, features a lot of whites, neutrals, yellows, greens, and coastal blues. A contemporary style will use a lot of neutrals, black, and white accented with bright and bold colours to contrast with these grounding shades. A federation style will feature traditional colour schemes such as deep reds, warm creams, and golds while a mid-century modern home style mixes organic and synthetic materials as well as neutral and bold colours. You can choose these to reflect the styles of your fixtures, which range from floors and cupboards to doors and windows.

If you’re not focused on a particular thematic style, choose bold statement shades that resonate with your personality, whether that means bold, bright primary colours for a playful ambience or earthier tones that reflect your love of nature. Bring these colours into your spaces by painting a statement wall, through furniture, and by using accessories like cushions and throws. 

3. Create a focal point with a unique furniture piece

Your choice of furniture says a lot about you, so it’s a terrific opportunity to infuse a room with a unique piece you love. This statement piece could be a sophisticated and functional Scandinavian sofa with clean lines or a dining table and chair set in a relaxed, beachy style reminiscent of the Hamptons. Whatever you choose, it helps create an immediate focal point in the space and deliver personality and interest. Choose statement furniture pieces that reflect your home design.

4. Dress the room with different patterns and textures

Patterns and textures enliven your space by drawing the eye to something unexpected – so they can be a powerful way to introduce your personality to the room. Whether you’re going for bold geometric shapes or soft florals, find something that reflects your personality. Consider fabrics and textures for your blinds, curtains, cushions, blankets and throws, rugs, pillows, and other accessories. Wallpaper, upholstery, lampshades, and tablecloths can also be used to introduce new textures and patterns. Geometric patterns on your rugs and layering textures and prints for your bedsheets, blankets, and pillows are other ways to dress up your room. Your tiling, whether on the bathroom wall or in the kitchen, can also feature unique patterns and textures. 

5. Light it up

Lighting is a subtle way to add personality to your spaces, and lighting accessories can be used to add pops of colour and patterns. Use a combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting to create the right ambiance in your rooms. For example, stylish standing lights and lamps on bedside tables can be used to create soft lighting as opposed to harsh spotlighting from a single source. Light up dark corners with table lamps and overhead or wall sconces. Use task lighting to highlight your favourite artworks and ambient lighting to warm up a cool or dim room.

6. Add your favourite plants and flowers

Potted plants and flowers add a splash of colour and bring nature into your home. Some pot plants can even help clean the air. Set your favourite flowers in a decorative vase and place them on the table. Place potted greenery in your foyer and bathrooms to add personality and interest to your spaces. Don’t forget to explore different pots, stands, and hangers as well as a variety of plants and floral arrangements. 

7. Don’t forget about your outdoor patio

Outdooring living is a big part of the Aussie lifestyle, so don’t neglect your outdoor patio when it comes to adding personality. Ideally, you’ll have a seamlessly integrated outdoor area that reflects the personality of your interior spaces, one that adds value and enables you to enjoy the outdoors and natural light. A sunroom, for example, can feature furniture items, artwork, and colours that continue the same design themes you have indoors. 


Using statement wall art and high-impact furniture pieces are effective ways to convey emotion and personality in your spaces. Choosing your colour palette with care and introducing different patterns and textures can also bring a lot of personality into your spaces. Other simple touches like using pot plants and flowers and well-considered lighting can transform your rooms into pleasant, ambience areas that express your aesthetic sensibilities. Finally, don’t forget to set up your outdoor spaces for a seamless continuation of your overall decorative approach. 

Looking for more ideas? We at Plunkett Homes invite you to explore our display homes or read our extensive guide for inspiration for your new home building journey. Our showrooms are a fantastic chance to explore new ideas, discover trending designs in real-time, and learn about and refine your personal style. If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them, so contact us today for a discussion.

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