The 4 Key Things That Define A Hamptons Home Style

What is a Hamptons style home? The hallmark of a Hamptons home style is whitewashed, bright interiors with a sophisticated, minimalistic aesthetic. Off-whites, timber flooring and laid-back beachy vibes are just some of the things that define the Hampton home.

The Hamptons home design is perfect for the Australian lifestyle and climate, with seamless indoor/outdoor living creating a year-round resort-style feel. This, combined with a timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion is what makes this style of home so appealing.

Here are the 4 key things that make up a Hamptons style home:

1. Raw colours & high contrast

Mention “the Hamptons” and you will most likely think of stripped-back hues of white, cream, sand, neutral greys and soft blues. Along with a raw colour palette, the Hamptons home style quite often integrates rustic elements to welcome in that beachy feel. Some of the most common features of a Hampton home include:

  • Weatherboard-style cladding: The quintessential Hampton home will feature neutral toned cladding to add clean, contrasting lines.
  • Natural light: Breezy, spacious and light-filled. The classic Hamptons home makes maximum use of lighting to create space and an airy indoor-outdoor living area. Think large windows and french doors, spacious verandahs, and an open-plan concept.
  • Texture: To add contrast to the neutral color palette of the Hampton home, texture is often added. This can include unbleached linen curtains, shaggy floor rugs or cushions and beachy home decorations such as seashells and macrame wall decor.
  • Finishing touches: Since Hampton homes are predominately white, colour and contrast is brought in through carefully selected finishings such as mouldings, tiles and handles. Art and ornaments also play an important role, with seascape oil paintings, indoor plants and ceramic table lamps adding a relaxing touch.

2. Timber floors and stairs

Timber flooring is one of the most popular options to style a Hampton home. Timbers in light oak, bleach or greyed finishes will achieve that coastal look synonymous with the manor style homes seen in the South and East Hampton area of Long Island.

The use of dark wooden flooring is also used to achieve a more sophisticated finish. Timber flooring is often carried throughout the main communal areas such as the entranceway, kitchen, hallways and staircases. Rugs and runners in textured finishes or neutral tones are often placed over the top to add some depth and warmth.

Floorboards are often large and wide, but can also include herringbone and chevron designs. Since the hallmark of a Hampton home is wide, open space, the timber flooring is used to enhance this sense of openness and purity. This is often carried through to the interior roof, with exposed beams and roof truss styles complementing timber floorboards and opening the space even more.

3. The furniture

Hamptons furniture typically follows that pared-back, rustic coastal vibe with natural wood and clean linen.

Within a Hamptons kitchen, you’ll often see Provincial style tables and chairs in light oak or white washed paint. No Hampton home kitchen is complete without a large sideboard buffet and polished island bench. And don’t forget the statement pendant lights! It’s these small, delicate details that really showcase the personality of a Hamptons home.

Living rooms typically feature overstuffed sofas in shades of white, grey, pale blue or yellow, cream and wheat. These rooms are all about cosy comfort, with warm timber coffee tables and hutch bookcases.

Since Hamptons home style is all about indoor/outdoor living, verandahs are often furnished with large wicker and rattan lounge chairs and white wooden sun lounges topped with cushions – perfect for cocktails and sunsets.

4. The mood

Within a Hamptons home, mood is everything. The essence of this is quite often captured by the word – relaxed. True Hamptons style takes inspiration from the coast and draws on that airy, stripped-down timeless aesthetic.

One of the true wonders of the Hampton home design is the tasteful balance between informal beachy style and upmarket elegance. The style is welcoming and in effect, creates a mood that is inviting and carefree. Hamptons homes are bathed in light and encourage natural living, with homeowners and guests enjoying nature’s timeless beauty.

These homes are made for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying an unstructured life in your own private getaway retreat.

Ready to try Hamptons?

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