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2018 – The year to build!

19 December 2017

If you’ve been thinking about moving, we’ve got 8 reasons to make 2018 the year you build a new home.

  1. Fast build times. It’s currently taking an average of just six months to build a new Plunkett home, from the time the slab goes down, to the day we hand you the keys. That’s really good news if you’re paying rent while you build.
  2. Great deals on land. There’s a still a ready supply of titled blocks to choose from, with attractive pricing and value-packed incentives. You’ve probably noticed that house and land packages are looking better than ever, too.
  3. Great deals from builders. What’s not to love about the abundance of offers, deals and packages on offer at the moment?
  4. Quality trades assured. Having the pick of the trades means you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to quality.
  5. Low mortgage rates. It’s never been cheaper to borrow money to build a home thanks to interest rates sitting at record lows.
  6. The market is on the up. Savvy investors anticipate market cycles, knowing the bottom of the market is a great time to invest in bricks and mortar.
  7. Future-proofing. Advances in technology, construction methods and design thinking will keep you ahead of the game.
  8. Styles ready to go. Whatever your style – from farmhouse to beach house, from Hamptons to New York loft – the looks you love are ready and waiting. 
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