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Our award-winning modern home designs have been refined over the last 120 years to cater for the ever-changing Western Australian lifestyle.

We have house designs to suit every family and every budget. Whether you know what you’re looking for, or simply need inspiration to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through our collection of home designs to get a taste of what your dream home could look like.

Our home designs cater to a variety of styles from classic Federation style homes to Hamptons style homes, plus retro-cool Mid-Century and the always popular Contemporary style homes.

Whether you’re looking for a single storey, double storey, narrow lot design, country style home, dual occupancy design, or turnkey home, we can start from scratch and customise a home that’s perfect for you!

Showing 2 of 218 designs
Showing 2 of 218 designs

Customised home design and floorplan to suit your lifestyle and block of land

One of the great things about building your own home is the opportunity to both design the house and craft the floorplan to suit your lifestyle. Maximising space and elements of liveability, customising your home design and floorplan is also a big undertaking.

At Plunkett Homes, we want to make your home-building journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of different house design styles within our Lifestyle range. From classics such as Federation and Mid-Century to more modern themes such as Hamptons and Contemporary, we offer a design style that complements your aesthetic. 

To help achieve your desired look, we offer two specifications – Luxe and Lifestyle. Whether you’re wanting to design a single or double-storey home or you’re looking to take advantage of a narrow lot, we have the design style and specifications to suit your needs.

In terms of specifications, whatever theme you choose will be carried throughout the interiors and exterior. With this in mind, with the Luxe Specification, think stylish and sophisticated premium fixtures and fittings that will stand the test of time. Meanwhile, the Lifestyle Specification works to blend elements of quality and style with affordability. 

Elevated design features for every package you choose

When building and designing a house, flexibility is important. Flexibility means that you can take design ideas and shape them to suit. Flexibility means that you can truly see your vision come to life. That’s why, with Plunkett Homes, you can customise our home designs and floorplans to suit your specific needs and wants. 

This flexibility extends across everything from house and land packages to turn-key homes and knock-down and rebuild projects. This inherent level of customisation means that your existing house or block of land is not a barrier to achieving your vision, but rather, a great starting point. 

The ability to add your personal touch to any package ensures freedom of choice. If the simplified process of a house and land package appeals, or you like the idea of knocking down and rebuilding to unlock your block’s potential, or you need the speed inherent with turn-key homes, all options are on the table. 


1. How do I choose the house design that is the right fit for me?

When it comes to choosing the right home design for you it’s important to look into elements of lifestyle. For example, people looking to downsize might opt for a single-storey house design whereas a growing family might find more value in a double storey home.

Once you match a house design plan to your lifestyle, it is easier to work out if and how you will customise the floorplan. At Plunkett Homes, we make sure that all your needs are covered.

2. What is the difference between the Luxe and Lifestyle Elevations?

Part of the new home design process with Plunkett Home is choosing between the Luxe and Lifestyle Specifications. Each specification has been designed with some key differences.

For example, at the heart of the Luxe Specification are the notions of style and sophistication. Whereas, the Lifestyle Specification works to blend elements of quality and style with value. 

These two fundamental differences play out in a range of different inclusions. With the Luxe Specification, finishes include luxury Westinghouse 900mm kitchen rangehood and cooktop. There is also the choice of two 600mm Westinghouse ovens or one 900mm Westinghouse oven. In the Lifestyle Specification inclusions only incorporate luxury Westinghouse 900mm kitchen appliances.

In both specifications, cabinet work throughout the home is custom made to measurements. However, only the Luxe Specification also allows for built-in robes in bedrooms with mirrored sliding doors. 

It’s also worth noting that the Luxe Specification highlights a modern 1200mm wide entry door complete with omni handle. This again differs from the Lifestyle Specification which allows for a modern 970mm entry door. 

3. What’s involved in the home design process?

The new home design process is equal parts involved and rewarding. At Plunkett Homes, we guide you through the entire process to ensure that your vision comes to life. 

The process starts by choosing a design style for the home. You can pick from a range of classic and modern styles such as Federation, Hamptons, Mid-Century and even Contemporary styles. 

From there, it’s time to design the floorplan. Depending on the size of your block and your needs, the floorplan could incorporate one or two storeys. 

The next step in the process revolves around specifications. Luxe or Lifestyle are the two options offered by Plunkett Homes and your choice will be reflected in the home’s internal and external fixtures and fittings. 

The final step in the home design process is customisation. With Plunkett Homes, you can customise any design to your individual wants and needs.