Timeless Home Design & Principles: Inspiration from Federation Homes

A timeless design simply never goes out of style. Achieved by matching elements of functionality with classic design features, timeless design styles, such as those of Federation homes, portray a strong sense of elegance.

One of the key facets of timeless design is remaining understated. As such, the latest coming-and-going trends must be ignored while ensuring that your home and its features still feel welcoming, interesting, and offer a sense of comfort.

While achieving a timeless home design is a delicate balancing act, there are many different ways to infuse your home with a sense of timelessness. In this article, we’ll take you through our expert tips, drawing inspiration from Federation homes. With a design style that’s retained its popularity for 120 years, there’s plenty to learn from a federation-style house. Follow these tips closely and you’ll ensure that while your home remains classic, your personality shines through.

What Is a Timeless Home Design?

Often associated with adjectives such as elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, it’s worth noting that timeless design mixes all of the above with a sense of practicality and functionality. There is no point in having a timeless home design that conflicts with how you live.

At the core of timeless design is the fact that it simply never goes out of style, no matter what trends may be popular that year or how design principles might have changed over time.

While this is a highly curated approach to home design, it’s important to note that timeless design does not equal boring design. Rather, timeless design principles centre around a multi-layer approach to how a room is presented.

Federation Homes

Federation homes are a textbook example of timeless home design. First developed in the early 1900s, Federation homes take inspiration from the classic Edwardian architectural styles that were popular in the United Kingdom at the turn of the century. Combining this with Australian influences and inspiration from the Arts and Crafts style, the Federation-style house took on a slightly more modern and functional look for a design that has stood the test of time.

While Federation homes look a little different nowadays in the modern federation style house, they stay true to their roots, flaunting many of the same distinct design features such as fretwork and decorative timber features.

How to Create a Timeless Home

Every aspect of interior design can be utilised to create a timeless house design. From space and lines to colour and form, each plays a key role in curating spaces that exude timelessness.

With this in mind, there are many different avenues homeowners can go down when it comes to creating a timeless home design. Endeavours both big and small will work together to create the overall feeling of balance and sophistication that is synonymous with timelessness.

1. Open plan living

Nothing says timeless quite like a home that boasts open-plan living. At its core, timeless design is functional and encapsulates the essence of open-plan living. Providing a seamless transition between each area of the home, this type of floor plan is very popular.

To ensure the effectiveness of this technique, and to achieve timelessness, make sure that features in one room are carried through to the next. For example, keep the same flooring, lighting and colour palette throughout each open-plan area.

2. Embrace a neutral colour palette

Bold colours are subject to trends. For example, hues of orange and green have been popular in the past but today aren’t as widely used. On the other hand, neutral colours never go out of style.

When it comes to a timeless home’s colour palette, take a page out of the design principles of Federation-style homes. Boasting rich earthy colours alongside light and airy neutrals gives Federation homes interest while ensuring their timeless qualities. Beige, greys and whites are ideal if you are looking to keep things simple and stand against the test of time.

And while this may seem limited, don’t underestimate the power between the choice of warm and cool whites to help you add warmth or light. The same can be said for warm and cool greys.

3. Opt for marble counters

Equal parts durable and stylish, marble counters are a key aspect to timeless design. Rather than opting for colourful benchtops or benchtops that are indicative of a certain style, marble is sophisticated and functional.

4. Decorate with built-in shelving

An aspect of timeless design is adding layers to rooms. By decorating spaces with built-in shelving, you can add both depth and function. Tall shelves can also be used to provide symmetry in rooms.

When it comes to filling these shelves, it’s important to remain minimalist. Rather than cramming in books, photos, and the likes, be selective about what you put on display. Also, make sure that all shelving accessories complement the room’s colour palette.

5. Create rooms with focal points

One of the cornerstones of a Federation style house is the focal point fireplace. Orienting the living room space around an eye-catching brickwork fireplace adds an important layer of interest without having to rely on what might become a dated trend. Design your living room space carefully so that every piece of furniture accentuates or faces a fireplace.

To help create rooms with noticeable focal points, a technique that is often employed is that of symmetry. Give both sides of the room the same amount and style of pieces to help draw the eyes of visitors inward to a single point of interest.

6. Invest in a few high-quality pieces

Certain furniture items or accessories are synonymous with timeless designs. Think classic artwork, dining tables or lounges. By investing in a few high-quality pieces, you can build rooms around durable, timeless pieces. 

7. Lay hardwood floors

Durable and stylish, hardwood floors can withstand everything that day-to-day life has to offer. Their rich colour and inherently tough nature makes them timeless additions to homes. Better still, hardwood floors match seamlessly with a neutral colour palette.

8. Hide technology

While technology is many things, it is not classic. As such, timeless home designs make a concerted effort to hide technology. This means placing gaming systems or remotes in cupboards or stands.

Take the Next Step to Your Timeless Home With Plunkett Homes

When it comes time to style a home the pressure can feel overwhelming. With so many options out there, it can be easy to fall into the trap of designing a home based on the latest trends.

To ensure that your home never goes out of style, infuse your design with a hint of timelessness. Easy to achieve, timeless home design is all about championing elements of sophistication and functionality.

At Plunkett Homes, we offer a variety of house designs that seamlessly incorporate timeless design principles. From our Federation homes to our Hampton designs, our expert team can help you customise any floorplan to suit everything from your needs and lifestyle to the block of land and budget.

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