Shedding Light On Brighter Spaces

From boosting your mood to benefiting your house plants, maximising natural light in your home brings an array of lifestyle improvements.

If you want to increase your property’s natural light exposure – or have a space to lie in the sun like a sleeping cat – consider adding a dedicated sunroom to your dwelling.

“A sunroom serves as a functional, multi-purpose room,” Plunkett Homes Design Team Leader Ekachai Sae-Ngow said.

“It’s a sunny space where one can entertain guests or relax on a comfy couch soaking in the sun’s rays without being exposed to the outdoor elements.”

Not only does a sunroom welcome its own illumination but it also introduces this light to other connecting places such as the kitchen and dining areas, according to Mr Sae-Ngow.

There are several design elements homebuilders can incorporate to get the most out off their sunroom.

“When designing a sunroom, a recommendation is to glaze all windows and doors surrounding it,” Mr Sae-Ngow said.

“Another great feature is a high ceiling or a recessed ceiling, which could complement the glazing walls nicely.”

According to Mr Sae-Ngow, sunrooms are wonderfully versatile and able to be easily shaped to fit most areas of your abode.

“However, the most important thing to take into account is the orientation,” he said. “A sunroom needs to be located on the northern side of the home to try and take advantage of the solar orientation sunlight. A sunroom would be perfect by a large backyard or even out in the rural zones, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy mini versions in the growing density suburban areas.”

If you live on a scenic block, a sunroom can also serve as your own observatory.

A 2022-built Plunkett Homes client residence at Banjup utilised a sunroom to great effect, taking advantage of the surroundings.

“The residence is situated on a five-acre block and the clients wanted to feature the land from every possible aspect,” Mr Sae-Ngow said.

“The sunroom was included in their design to create a tranquil retreat where they could bask in the natural sunlight surrounded by the beauty of their block.

“It adds a wow factor to the home thanks to its expansive windows.”

Source – Owen Raymond, The West Australian, New Homes

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