Make a statement with Mid-Century

With an emphasis on clean lines and wide-open spaces, the mid-century style effortlessly applies itself to modern living.

Emerging after World War II, mid-century design and architecture aim to evoke a sense of spaciousness and streamlines living, allowing plenty of room for a homeowner’s personality to shine through.

“It champions floor plans creating a sense of openness, clean lines and blending the outside with the inside.” Plunkett Homes Administration Manager and Interior Designer Stef Yujnovich said.

“This styling is inspired by nature, incorporating woods and natural elements within the design.”

Bringing the outdoors in is very important, and due to the way Western Australian households’ line, it makes the mid-century style very popular. “

“Many mid-century abodes integrate the exterior living spaces with the interior elements of the build.
Our climate allows for outdoor living for many months of the year, therefore including outdoor kitchens and living spaces is a must too.
Design hallmarks of the mid-century design are clean lines, flat or gently sloping rooflines and geometric shapes.” Ms Yujnovich said.

“Bold colours are often utilised to highlight the main character of the design.
Interior styling is all about contradicting materials and textures, open floor plans and minimalistic, yet highly functional, spaces. It is without clutter and incorporates statement pieces, rather than superfluous ornamentation or objects.”

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Ms Yujnovich said the mid-century style had a sense of longevity thanks to it’s timeless appeal and minimalistic aesthetic.

“It is relaxed and uncluttered, which resonates with the laid-back vibe of WA.” she said

“The key to combining the modern elements of a new home build with the features mid-century design is known for is introducing its core fundamentals softly and intermittently throughout the home.”

“Depending on the brief, homebuilders can balance their dwelling more towards the mid-century style or more towards modern just by the number of key elements used in each genre.”

Ms Yujnovich said the mid-century style was often married with a contemporary flair to ensure an enduring aesthetic and feel for decades to come.

“Designers will work with or have a brief for a mid-century modern design, which typically has cleaner lines, a cool vibe, and is considered a little more timeless and fresher, as opposed to mid-century styling on its own.” she said.

“Both styles are warm, inviting and resonate well with our beautiful state and nature.”

Source – Ysabella Salisbury, The West Australian

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