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Local Tiler Still Flat Out After 30 Years

16 December 2019

The homebuilding industry has had its fair share of ups and downs, but Jeff Bainbridge has been kept busy tiling homes for Plunkett for almost 30 years.

The second-generation tiler is part of the South West’s team of trusted trades and suppliers. Many have been working with us for a decade or more.

From construction and fit-out, to the latest products and technology, they’ve been bringing their skills and expertise to home after home; year after year.

Jeff undertook his first tiling job for us back in November 1990 and we’ve been keeping him pretty busy ever since.

Over the years he’s built two homes for himself with Plunkett, including the one he currently lives in.

And yes, he did his own tiling.

For Jeff and his one-man business Geographe Tiling Services, being part of the Plunkett team has brought welcome job security, as well as the pride that comes from working for an award-winning homebuilder.

“I’ve seen Plunkett grow and grow in the South West since I’ve been working for them,” he says.

Jeff says he particularly values Plunkett’s strong sense of teamwork.

“Many of the trades and suppliers have been working for Plunkett for a long time so we’ve got to know each other and will often coordinate between ourselves to help keep things running smoothly on site,” Jeff says.

Jeff, who’s typically on site by 7am and finished by 4pm, has seen a fair few changes over the years, too.

“Tiles have got bigger! The standard used to be 200x200, but now we’re regularly working with 600x600. And there’s a lot more variety.

“The design and layout of tiles has become more complicated as well,” he says.

New materials and building standards have also been introduced over the years that Jeff has been working for us.

“Waterproofing in wet areas is new since I started tiling,” he says.

One of our clients in the South West has built no fewer than six Plunkett homes and Jeff looked after the tiling for most of them.

He says the secret to his longstanding relationship with Plunkett is “a bit of give and take” on both sides.

“The communication needs to be good and there’s a bit of flexibility needed. If a few extra materials are needed for a job, for example, then I’ll go and pick them up so things aren’t delayed,” Jeff says.

We know our trades and suppliers are a pretty modest bunch, so we’re happy to point out it’s about so much more too. Like turning up when you say you will and leaving the construction site as you would want to find it.

Reliability and attention to detail mean things run smoothly and efficiently on site and our clients get a top-quality home they can be proud of.

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