How to maximise spaces for a narrow lot home

Narrow-lot homes are proving increasingly popular in modern home designs. Equal parts, affordable and adaptable, narrow lot homes have the unique ability to help homeowners build in premium locations. 

While the home may be on a narrow lot, there are different techniques that homeowners can employ to maximise space. In fact, by utilising different design and construction principles, you can create a narrow lot home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Building a narrow lot home 

Small in size but full of character, narrow lot homes are being built more than ever before. With the ability to not only face the street but also have direct street access, narrow lot homes are the pinnacle of convenience and value for space.

Importantly, there is also value for money to be enjoyed when building a narrow lot home. This is true whether opting for a house and land package or building a single storey or even designing a double storey home

Plunkett Homes also has an expansive range of narrow lot home designs. Options range from Hamptons and Federation to Mid-Century and Contemporary. This means that you will not have to compromise on elements of style. Narrow homes do not equal a narrow lifestyle.

The ways you can make a house feel bigger on a narrow lot

While building a narrow lot home, it is easy to assume that space will be at a premium. However, there are different ways to cleverly maximise space in narrow lot homes to ensure that functionality and liveability are at the fore. 

Tip #1: Let the light in 

Inviting natural light into the home has great benefits for health. There are also benefits when it comes to maximising space within narrow lot homes. Whether using french or stacking patio doors or opting to install skylights, flooding light can have drastic effects on the percieved space of the home.

All at once spaces feel more open and inviting. Better still, flowing light helps to give the optical illusion of space. All of which works together to help spaces look and feel comfortable and stylish. 

Tip #2: Go open-plan

Another way to maximise space in a narrow lot home is to look at principles of open-plan living. By minimising the use of walls and doors, spaces immediately feel more open and inviting. 

While an open-plan layout may not necessarily be viable in all aspects of the house, when creating the floorplan, look to make the back section of the house more open-plan. This means ensuring a seamless flow between the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Infusing the back portion of the house with elements of open-plan living also works to create flow between the indoor and outdoor areas of the home. This helps spaces feel more functional while also allowing for seamless living and entertaining. 

Tip #3: Elongate the room 

Rather than having traditional features in narrow lot homes, homeowners can look to different construction principles in order to maximise feelings of space. For example, try to elongate rooms. 

In one instance, high or interesting lines such as raking ceilings will naturally draw the eye upwards, providing the feeling of space. 

In terms of design ideas for a narrow lot home, vertical features such as bookshelves or vertical indoor planters also contribute to feelings of space. 

Tip 4#: Keep things off the floor

Design principles such as keeping items off the floor can work wonders. Rather than possessions contributing to the feeling of limited space, certain design accessories can provide the illusion of space.

Take mirrors for example. An expertly placed mirror can reflect elements of both space and light. Meanwhile, instead of having bathroom vanities on the ground, wall mount them, the same with television stands. Being able to see the floor helps to curate a sense of space. 

Tip 5#: Opt for multifunctional furniture 

The greatest tool in a narrow lot homeowner’s toolkit is multifunctional furniture. With limited space to work with every piece needs to count in order to maximise space in terms of both look and feel.

Think couches that double as a bed for guests. Speaking of beds, consider purchasing beds with built-in storage. Style your living room with an ottoman and you can house remotes and blankets in their base rather than having to purchase a coffee table or a storage unit. 

Tip #6: Carefully curate your colour scheme 

The colour you choose to paint the walls will have an impact on the feeling of space. In order to maximise space, look to use neutral colours that won’t make spaces feel too loud or somewhat crowded. 

For those wanting a splash of colour. Consider painting one feature wall. You could even infuse spaces with colour through decorative cushions, rugs or throw pillows. Just make sure that every piece works together in a complementary way. 

With Plunkett Homes you can choose a style that suits your narrow land

When designing a narrow lot home with elements of space and style at the forefront, form meets function. The result? A home that utilises different elements to maximise space and style. 

With both small and large ways to maximise space in narrow lot homes, the process of designing your dream home has never been simpler. 
Read more about house designs that suit a narrow lot and learn how Plunkett Homes can match your dream design with your narrow lot. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact our expert team today to start building a home perfectly tailored to all of your needs.

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