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Bricklayer builds a business

10 March 2020

Aaron Flannery has been a bricklayer all his working life so he knows first-hand that it’s about much more than just bricks and mortar.

He completed his apprenticeship 18 years ago as a teenager, choosing bricklaying as a way of building a business and being his own boss.

Today, Aaron Flannery Bricklaying works on Plunkett building sites all over Perth, from Mandurah to Northam and everywhere in between.

“You have to be good at what you do or you don’t get a job these days,” says Aaron, who has been part of our trades team for the past seven years.

“The most important things I think we deliver on are being punctual and good communication; that’s really important. Good communication that works both ways makes the jobs go as smoothly as possible. The smoother the jobs go, the more work you tend to get.”

Like Aaron, many of our trusted trades have been with us for many years. They bring consistency and reliability to every job, so that clients know they’re getting the quality home they’ve been promised.

Experiencing boom times and post-boom times, they know they have to be at the top of their game to make the Plunkett team.

“We get a lot of requests for work after the house has been handed over, such as building garden walls. The clients have seen the job we’ve done on their new home and are confident of the quality they’re getting,” Aaron says.

Bricklaying is a physical job and there are early starts – often to beat blistering heat – and as the boss there’s lots of organising and planning to think about, but Aaron enjoys having his own business, and values the friendships formed with the Plunkett site supervisors over the years.

“I think they think we do a good job; we’re easy to get on with,” he says.

“And we’ve seen some changes over the years in terms of the features we’re being asked to build, such as the big shower recesses and hobless showers that are popular. The homes definitely come with more inclusions now,” he says.

One of Aaron’s friends recently built with Plunkett and Aaron looked after the brickwork.

“As always we did a really good job of course,” he says.

From construction and fit-out, to the latest products and technology, our trades and suppliers bring their skills and expertise to home after home; year after year.

They may be a modest bunch, but we’re keen to give them a big round of applause. They’re the reason you can be proud to say you live in a home built by Plunkett.

When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to listen.

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