5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space.

Is it time to refresh your interior style? We have taken our favourite interior inspiration ideas from some of our most loved Display Homes!

It’s All In The Details

Everyone knows the easiest way to dress up a living space is by accessorising it and playing around with placement. Our Westbury Display Home showcases the impact the right accessories can have on a space.

A cleverly hung trio artwork brings life to a plain wall. This ties into two statement occasional chairs, adding depth to the space. A warm wool rug anchored by a well-designed coffee table cosies up the room. A coffee table is the perfect place to add your splash of personality! Add books that mean something to you (or that you love the look of). And add a candle for some ambience and a fresh bunch of flowers to bring life into the space.

A Splash Of Personality

An accent wall is a perfect way to break up large living spaces and can also emphasise a great architectural feature. The Lake House has added personally to the upper living area by applying a tropical wallpaper that truly brings this room to life!

Not ready to commit to wallpaper? Removable wallpaper (otherwise known as ‘peel and stick’) is a great tactic. You can use this to add colour and personality to a space without damaging the walls. Be inspired by this easy trick! Incorporate removable wallpaper decal into your own living space. And you can create that ‘it looks so real I can’t believe it’ feature accent wall.

Light And Bright

Lighting has long been underestimated as a statement feature. By simply switching out your lighting fixtures a whole new style and atmosphere can be brought into a room. In the Milan Display, we opted for an on-trend wooden bead chandelier to create a coastal vibe. If you switch out the beaded chandelier for a black metal pendant the style instantly changes to industrial. This could be your simple answer to updating your style! 

No Blank Spaces

Is there a space in your room that looks a little lacklustre? Why not put up some shelves? In the Newport Ex-Display, the cinema room is framed with bold shelves. Choose a colour that blends into the wall so your accessories stand out, or make a statement with a bold metallic finish or trendy wooden edge. We all have those odd knick-knacks around that we don’t know where to put, well now you do! Fill your shelves with your favourite pictures, freshly propagated plants and those trinkets from your travels that you swore you would use someday.

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