Here’s our checklist to get your home prepared for the cooler months

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How To Make Your Home Theatre an Exclusion Zone You'll Never Want To Leave

The Plunkett team are standing by to bring you our best tips on all the ways to make your home an exclusion zone you’ll never want to leave.

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Electrician A Shining Example

He’s actually lost count, but when electrical contractor Peter Dubyniak was last asked he estimated he’d worked on at least 1,500 Plunkett Homes.

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Bricklayer builds a business

Aaron Flannery has been a bricklayer all his working life so he knows first-hand that it’s about much more than just bricks and mortar.

Home & Interior Design

A Clever Move In Kallaroo

Greg and Carol never dreamed of a knock-down rebuild when they bought an investment property in Kallaroo 17 years ago

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Bricklayer builds 40-year career

Award-winning bricklayer Tony Larosa brings more than 40 years of homebuilding experience to Plunkett Homes.

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Solid Start for Concreter

Sil Micale’s story with Plunkett Homes dates back to 1976 when, as a teenager, he helped his dad and uncles pour house slabs in and around Perth.

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Local Tiler Still Flat Out After 30 Years

The homebuilding industry has had its fair share of ups and downs, but Jeff Bainbridge has been kept busy tiling homes for Plunkett for almost 30 years.

Home & Interior Design

How To Future-Proof Your New Home

Depending on what life stage you are at, the term ‘future-proofing’ a new home build can mean a number of things.

Home & Interior Design

Why we build the way we do: Brick vs Framed

You might have heard the terms bricked and framed construction, but how do you know which one is right for your new home?

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