Pick your lot width

When it comes to the size of your block, you want to make the most of your precious land. Whether you want a large family home or a charming home complete with garden retreat, we have designs from 6m to 20m to make sure you’re home design is the perfect fit.

6 - 10m Designs

With block sizes now shrinking, we’re leading the way with our specialised narrow lot home designs that are narrow in width but big on value and design.

10.5 - 13m Designs

Looking for a design that’s great value but still packs a punch when it comes to street presence? Checkout out 10.5-13m range of designs.

13.5 - 15m Designs

Allow yourself some space while still remaining affordable and efficient. Our 13.5-15m homes will provide just that.

15.5-17m Designs

Big family on the horizon? Or perhaps a large home has always been a lifelong dream, our 15.5-17m home designs allow you to get creative when it comes to floorplan functionality and elevation style.

17.5m+ Designs

It may be the coast or the country. No matter where you build it, our wide frontage homes are perfect to make the most of any view.

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