Young Families

If you’re planning for a family or already have some tiny tots running around then building a new home will give you the chance to include the features that make the most sense for you and your growing family – not just now, but in the years to come as your kids morph from toddlers into teenagers.

What sort of new home design might work best for you and your young family? As with all the best home designs, it’s not about how much space you have, it’s about how you use it.

Important things to consider for young families:

  • Adaptable spaces that can change as the family’s needs change. What might be a playroom today becomes a study space or kids’ TV room tomorrow.
  • A layout that positions at least one of the minor bedrooms near the master suite so parents can be close to the nursery in those early years.
  • A play space with organised storage where toys and clutter can be either easily hidden or easily packed away.
  • An open-plan kitchen and living layout means you can easily keep an eye on little ones playing nearby.
  • An easy view from the kitchen and living room out to the garden makes it easier to supervise outdoor play while you’re doing chores inside.
  • A second sitting room or a cosy reading chair in the master suite – having a quiet space to retreat to is a gift for busy young parents.
  • Keeping the toilet separate from the family bathroom makes for a bigger bathroom, giving you more room to move when you’re bathing the kids.