Multi Generation Living

Multi-generational homes are becoming the new norm now.If you have adult offspring at home, who are yet to fly the nest or your elderly parents are set to move in, then Plunkett can help design a home to help you all co-exist happily under the same roof.

With just a few tweaks at the design stage, a home can easily include separate zones for everyone in the family, helping to provide an extra element of independence. 

Ways to help achieve this include:

  • Two-storeys designs because they have two clearly defined zones – upstairs and downstairs.
  • Creating an ensuite, or semi-ensuite access to a bathroom. Many multi-gen designs include what is effectively a second master suite to give that added sense of privacy and separation.
  • Extra storage in living and bedroom spaces. A big wardrobe, plus space for some bookshelves or built-in cupboards if you can, helps keep the zone feeling spacious and organised.