Types of Developments

Plunkett Developments specialises in a wide range of development opportunities and will help you find the best solution to suit your block and budget. From Duplex to Multi-units to Narrow lot blocks and everything in between.


One of the best and simplest options, a duplex property development allows you to build two properties on the same block, either side by side, or one behind the other.


Popular in the metro area, a triplex property development allows you to build three properties on the same block. It can involve more in-depth planning than a duplex design.


We’re not afraid to tackle the big numbers, from quadruplex projects involving four properties on the one site, right up to projects that are worth millions of dollars and involve the construction of many, many units. A multi - unit project is often complex and demanding, but our in-house property development experts know how to get the job done.

Narrow sites and small sites

The challenges can be greater when space is limited, but our experts are always on the case with smart home designs to make the very most of your small or narrow site.

Tricky sites

Sometimes a block is just plain awkward. Maybe it has a nasty slope, difficult access or is shaped like a wedge of cheese. Whatever the challenges, we’ll spot them early on and make sure we’re on the ball, working with our surveyors and engineers to come up with most cost-effective home design solutions so that you can maximise your investment.

Backyard blitz

Are you sitting on a large block with the potential to build in your backyard? House-behind-house, or rear strata property developments might be growing in popularity, but it’s still important to work with a development specialist that knows the whys and wherefores of the process. It can often be easier to secure finance and council approval for this type of development because you already own the block you plan to build on. We’ll find the best possible home design and get your plans moving as quickly as possible.


Opt for the ‘full package’, and your property will be completed right down to the washing line, floor tiles, carpets and blinds. Not only will this mean your property is ready to rent out or move in to, but you’ll also find it easier to budget. That’s because our turnkey price will cover all the finishing items you need. And you’ll end up saving time as well, as you won’t be chasing around getting landscaping and letterboxes organised.

Let us help you find the best way to develop your land.

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