Developing property is a massive undertaking. Starting with a potential opportunity, a vision, and a whole heap of real problems to solve.

This is where Plunkett Developments can help.

Property development isn’t a solo event. Neither is it a time to reinvent the wheel. Time is precious when it comes to maximising your profits, so it’s important to have an experienced team on your side – one that will save you time and money and eliminate much of the stress that can come with property development.

We can help you turn your patch of land into a profitable property development. We’ll de-code the R-Codes. We’ll crunch the numbers for you. We’ll design, plan, build, finish and follow up once the job is done.

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Where to Start

Property development can be daunting, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, so here’s a run-down of what to expect and the processes involved.

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Feasibility Process

If the numbers don’t stack up, chances are your project isn’t feasible. Find out how our ‘no-fee’ feasibility assessment can help you work out what your costs are likely to be – before you commit.

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Why Plunkett Homes

The Plunkett name has been synonymous with quality homes for more than 110 years, so it’s not surprising that our honest, no-nonsense approach to property development gets results.

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These are the homes we’ve built that comply with various NDIS-SDA specifications. Homes that are helping to improve the lives of people with significant permanent disabilities.

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Types of Developments

House Behind House

Rear strata developments are more popular than ever with finance and council approval easier with land you already own. Check out how we’ve helped to unlock the equity in our clients’ backyards.

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One of the most popular and simplest subdivision options. Discover some of our best duplex development projects – side by side and one behind the other.

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Explore some of our most successful triplex subdivision projects that have helped our clients maximise their return on investment.

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Multi-Unit Site

We’re not afraid to tackle the big numbers, from quadruplex (four on the same block) right up to projects that are worth millions of dollars and involve the construction of many, many units.

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