Your Personal Property Development Team

Where is the bulk of your wealth located?

Is it in bonds, the stock market, a savings account?

Perhaps the most significant amount of your wealth is locked up in your backyard! But what if you want to turn a patch of land into a profitable property development?

Getting Started

Considering a development is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly; with so many options and legal requirements to satisfy, it’s important that you understand each aspect of the development process.

Plunkett Developments boast an experienced team of professionals at every level, from designers to builders – and of courses project managers. Whether this is your first development or your fifth. You can trust our experience and expertise every step of the way.

“Plunkett’s experience and expertise definitely sets them apart from their competitors.”

Says Jonny How a first time house behind house developer.

“When I first started calling around to get quotes from different groups. They were the ones who really could explain the prices. They actually itemised what was in the package.”

Planning for Profit

With our fee feasibility study, it’s easy for homeowners to gain insight into the best option for their block. Maximising profit is an important part of the planning strategy that goes into every build.

As a multi-faceted development company, we offer many different options; a house behind house, a duplex, a triplex, and multi-unit, depending on the size and shape of your block.

Knowing what you can and can’t do with regards to council approvals will help you make the right decisions. To ensure a profitable property development.

An understanding the market of the suburb where you build. Will also determine how you split your block and design your development.

More units will not always translate into more profit.

The style and design choices should also be representative of the suburb in which you build. This will appeal to a wider audience of buyers. Our designers are the best in the business. So developing your property with us will mean you get the best advice to help you make these decisions.

A Cut Above

Duplex developers John and Jenni Hess say:

“Communication is vital in a build to get it right and to save time. The direct communication that we have with Plunkett and the building supervisors is just outstanding. A lot of builders don’t allow that.”

To earn you top dollar, a home needs to be top quality. To achieve this, you need to work with expert craftsmen. Our builders have decades of experience and this will show through in the high standard of the finished home.

Decoding the R-codes

After taking all of this into consideration. A development cannot even begin before the appropriate code changes and approvals are sought from local council.

If any paperwork is missed or completed incorrectly. It can hold a project up for weeks. Or stop it all together, not only costing you time, but also money.

Through fantastic relationships with local councils, Plunkett Developments are masters at decoding the R-codes to get your development built faster.  

Plunkett’s Development Experts will help you find a way through the maze of lot development. Helping you to unlock the potential wealth of your backyard.

Where do you want to start?

If you are already planning to develop your block, check out these tips to ensure your project is efficient and profitable. (links to short article for in-market targeting)

 If you haven’t looked into development before, find out how developing your back block can benefit you and your family with our free feasibility analysis. (links to short article for not-in-market targeting) or see what some of our clients have shared about their experience. (links to testimonials)