What the WA Government is doing for the future of Western Australia

At this point, you’ve probably seen the advertisements encouraging you to make the move to Western Australia. They’re hard to miss; the WA government has been on a blitz to encourage migration from around Australia.

An interstate move is a big decision, of course, and there’s a lot to consider; the availability of jobs is one, but the quality and access of education (for people with families), healthcare and retirement services (for senior citizens), is just as important. There’s also the lifestyle to consider – above and beyond all the other factors, everyone wants to live somewhere nice.

The WA government is on its advertising blitz because it has a firm plan in all of these areas, is spending big to achieve it.

Creating a strong economy

So much of a state’s quality of life has to do with the economy, and the WA government is committing money to ensure that the economy is diversifying beyond the state’s traditional reliance on the resources sector. For example, the government announced $100 million to be spent on “investment attraction” and to support “new industries.” This will especially support small businesses, so if you’re an entrepreneur or doing something cutting edge, the government in WA is keen to make sure your business is located in the state. McGowan’s government is also spending a record of $30.7 billion on infrastructure, and that means a lot of jobs as well. WA navigated the COVID-19 pandemic better than most, with an economy that grew as others weakened, and now they want to take advantage of that. They just need more and more people to help achieve their goals.

A bright future for Western Australians

The McGowan government is also committed to delivering better lifestyle outcomes to its people. Consider healthcare for example; the government is spending $3.1 billion on expanding WA’s health system, $1.8 billion to plan and construct a new hospital specifically to support women and babies, and a $100 million boost to the emergency department.

Meanwhile, with education, the government has also increased funding, to $6 billion, with a particular emphasis on new and improved school facilities, as well as support for disabled students, and the mental health and well-being of kids. They’re also reducing fees for TAFE courses and training, to help people take advantage of all those jobs that are now available.

Creating Safer communities

Not only is the WA government committed to making the state healthier, better educated, and doing work they love, but McGowan and his team are also investing in the safety of communities. There is a $1.78 billion investment being made into the WA Police Force, but that’s backed with a $2.1 billion commitment to social housing, $45.5 million to prevent domestic violence and support victims of it, and $281.8 million for frontline emergency services.

Improving Aboriginal well-being

WA has one of the largest and most remote populations of Aboriginal Australians, and it just goes to show how committed the government is to including everyone in its vision that the government is committing $374 million to the betterment of Aboriginal people and communities.

This includes investments into schools, social programs, women’s community health services, children’s services, community services, and job opportunities.

Building a liveable environment

Finally, what would be the point of moving somewhere if the lifestyle wasn’t great? Across the state, the government is investing in facilities, rejuvenation efforts, and new developments that help to make WA a place for socialisation, entertainment, and lifestyle.

In addition, the government has a large number of regional road upgrade projects underway. Western Australia is one of the most picturesque and travel-friendly states, and by upgrading the roads, not only does the movement of goods and services across the state improve, but it becomes a much nicer state to jump into your car and simply explore.

What does all of this mean for you?

When you live in Western Australia, you live in a state that is forward-thinking and committed to investing in future prosperity. The government’s desire to attract people from other states isn’t an idle flight of fancy – they’ve got a genuine need for people across the spectrum to participate in this massive state-building exercise.

In return for taking a punt and making the sea change, you will be supported by a government that wants to build local communities, while thinking global. Your kids will have access to world-class education, and at every step in your life, you will have access to the medical services that you need. You’ll be able to settle into communities that are positive and have plenty to do with your leisure and social time.

The long-and-short of it is that the WA government is actively setting the state up as a place of prosperity and opportunity, and one that embraces all Australians, from all walks of life. WA really is the perfect place to build a home and Plunkett Homes is ready to help you set up your future, so get in touch and discuss your goals with us.

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