The Benefits of a Sea Or Tree Change and What To Consider

Thousands of Australians are leaving the city behind in search of a tree or sea change. But what exactly is a tree or sea change and how can you make it work for you?

A tree change is a move inland to live in a country town. A sea change is moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a much quieter and relaxed coastal town. Both offer a slower-pace life, community spirit, financial benefits and the opportunity for better work/life balance. 

Before you make the move though, there are things you should consider. 

Who can make a sea or tree change?

Once upon a time a sea or tree change was thought to be something cashed up retirees did. Today, however, it’s a realistic option for just about anyone. 

Technology, remote working, new careers, more choice and opportunity is paving the way for anyone to consider a move to a rural or coastal community. A tree change or sea change can mean a move away from unaffordable housing and congestion in place of lower living costs and a greater sense of community. A tree or sea change can be perfect for:

  • Parents wanting open spaces in which to raise their children
  • Singles looking for new challenges
  • Couples wanting to create a fulfilling life together
  • Mid-life career changers fed up with the demands of their current job
  • Business owners wanting a new business adventure
  • Entrepreneurs looking for freedom to explore, travel and work from anywhere
  • Social folk looking to embed themselves in a small and caring community

How to get a tree or sea change right

Major life changes such as relocation takes careful consideration. Without proper research you could be right back where you started before you know it. 

As the old saying goes, buying or renting a home is all about location, location, location. Your neighbourhood matters a lot and choosing the wrong one can make your dream tree or sea change seem more like a nightmare.

Digging into the details of a neighbourhood before committing to living there is crucial. The best way to get a feel for a new neighbourhood is to go and experience it for yourself. A simple walk can tell you a lot about an area, such as whether the pathways and parks are crowded with families and how friendly people are when they pass you by. It’s also a great way to suss out local sights, restaurants, shops and recreation options. 

Another way to get to know a new neighbourhood is to talk to those who already live there. A local real estate agent won’t always give you the full picture, so reach out to local residents via social media or when you’re next enjoying a coffee in one of the cafes. If you have friends and family living in the area, ask them to do some research for you or to put you in touch with like-minded locals. 

If you’re planning on working remotely with just the odd commute into the office, give your commute a test run. Go beyond Google Maps and actually practice the route to work to see how easy it is. Remote working looks like it’s here to stay but should things change you want to be sure you can handle travelling to or from your workplace. 

Another thing you may like to consider is property value trends. If the prices in your chosen neighbourhood are going up, now could be the perfect time to get in. 

Understanding if a tree or sea change is really right for you

Before packing up your current home, ask yourself why you’re making the move. What’s the main thing (s) you’d like to change about your current lifestyle and will your chosen location accommodate these needs?

Think about your lifestyle and how you’re going to earn a living. How much do you need to comfortably do the things you want to do and how much is your new lifestyle going to cost? Chances are your cost of living will be lower in a rural or coastal town than in the city but will getting to your new location take a toll financially? 

You also need to think hard about tree change versus sea change. Are you more suited to a rural setting, with stretches of forest or do you dream of ocean breezes and walks on the beach?

Most important is to consider how prepared you are emotionally. You may be moving away from family and friends, requiring you to open yourself up to meeting new people. You will need to make a conscious effort to get to know people and this may take a different approach to what you’re used to in the city. 

When tree and sea changes go well

A tree or sea change can be daunting and scary but when you look past the uncertainty to see what you can gain it can be 100% worth it. A tree or sea change can offer:

  • Cleaner living
  • Cheaper housing
  • A natural environment
  • Exciting work opportunities
  • New friendships
  • A relaxed lifestyle
  • A greater sense of community
  • Lower living costs
  • A change of pace
  • Investment opportunities

So what are you waiting for? Western Australia offers so much to those looking for a change of scenery and Plunkett Homes can guide you through the process of finding the right home for you in the location that best suits your needs. We can make the process of moving as smooth as possible and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Don’t just dream of a tree or sea change – take the plunge and start your new life today. With the right research you won’t regret it.

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