Living, Working and Investing in the Peel Region of WA: Why You Should Make the Move

Thinking about a change of pace? Dreaming of a sea or tree change? The Peel region is located only 75 kilometres south of Perth, just a train ride or drive down the Kwinana Freeway. 

There’s lots to love about the Peel region. You might say it’s a very a-Peel-ing place to be. It offers a diverse landscape – pristine coastline and urban, agricultural and horticultural land – yet everything you need for calling the region home. People are attracted to Peel region by both the natural and built environment it offers. 

The Peel region is positioning itself as a progressive, prosperous and dynamic region. The natural environment is a strong drawcard for the Peel region, yet it’s supported by health and recreation services, large mining operations, civil and residential construction, manufacturing, and social services. It’s where conservation and innovation meet – economic development is ripe, yet natural assets are preserved for future generations.

The Peel region has everything except mountains. You can spend your weekends diving, surfing or sailing, you can jetski in the Harvey Estuary, zip-line through the stunning forest, walk the endless trails or play golf against panoramic ocean views. If you’re an outdoors adventurer at heart, there’s no such thing as boredom when you live in the Peel region. 

Moving to the Peel region

Everything in the Peel region is within an hour of Perth CBD. Made up of five local government authorities, there’s a special place for everyone. By 2023, it’s expected that the population will have climbed to 179,000. By 2050, the Peel region is expected to be one of the most populated regions outside of Perth, with a projected population of 444,000.

If you’re not sure where you want to live in the Peel region, do some research into the following areas:

Boddington – within easy reach of the metropolitan area, the Boddington Shire boasts rural living at its best. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle without compromising services access. 

Murray – situated in the centre of the Peel region, the Shire of Murray is one of the fastest growing districts in Australia. It boasts enviable natural assets and a unique lifestyle that’s driven by its diverse community. 

Serpentine Jarrahdale – with a strong and rich history, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is a thriving agricultural and rural lifestyle district. Forested hills and wetlands are complemented by areas of pristine wilderness with an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife. 

Waroona – stretching from sea to scarp, the Shire of Waroona is all about pristine beaches, unspoilt lakes, fertile farmlands and peaceful jarrah forests. It loves a festival too and the community comes alive with the All Australian Car Day (April), and the Waroona Agricultural Show, SEA to ART and British Auto Classic in October. 

Mandurah – as Western Australia’s largest regional city, Mandurah is a popular move for those wanting the best of both rural and metropolitan worlds. Set against a backdrop of magnificent beaches, the Peel-Harvey Estuary (twice the size of Sydney Harbour) and pretty lakes, rivers and canals, it’s known as the modern-day Venice. If you love the water, Mandurah is the place to be.

Working in the Peel region

The Peel region’s economy is dominated by mineral processing because of its abundance of mineral reserves. The region includes the world’s largest bauxite mine, mineral sands and Australia’s largest producing gold mine. The Peel region is complemented by stable manufacturing and construction service industries and agriculture. 

75.5% of the jobs in the Peel region are filled by local residents. The top five industry sectors are health care and social assistance, construction, retail trade, education and training and manufacturing. If you’re hoping your source of employment will be your green thumb, the Peel region is well known for its production of fruit, vegetables, honey and wine. You’ll find apples, pears, plums and strawberries in season, and the area is ideal for growing beans, cabbage, pumpkins, radishes and sweet peas.

Vineyards produce a range of varieties, with chenin blanc and shiraz being two of the region’s favourites.

Living in the Peel region

Living in the Peel region is like having a slice of paradise on your doorstep. The unspoiled nature and immaculately preserved heritage of this area is a big part of its charm, and the outdoor lifestyle is a perfect way to really slow down and enjoy the best of your backyard. 

Bordered by the Darling Scarp in the east and the Indian Ocean in the west, the Peel region’s community is passionate about environmental protection. Nature is the heart of the region and much of the Peel’s economic future will revolve around innovative agriculture, nature-based activity and Indigenous culture. 

When you live in the Peel region you can benefit from good transport and communication links and relatively affordable housing. If you’re looking to build a new home, talk to the team at Plunkett Homes, the region’s leading home builders and property developers.

For kids, there’s always something to do outdoors, making the Peel region a popular choice for families. From foreshore parks and piers and boardwalks to forest discovery centres and the King Carnival – there’s something for every age. There are a large number of great schools and colleges to choose from.

Investing in the Peel region

A move to the Peel region means a move to a strategic location. The Western Australian Government has committed $49.3 million from its Royalties for Regions program to transforming the Peel region. The vision for the future includes:

In terms of growth, the Peel region has a lot to be excited for. Transform Peel leverages the region’s strengths and will make investing in Peel a smart choice. New industries, more jobs and better food security equals a region that’s prime for growth, wellbeing and prosperity.

Making the move today

If you’re thinking about that change of pace or you’re dreaming of a sea or tree change, make it a reality and prepare for your move to the Peel region today. Commit to your goal of home ownership in the Peel region and combine your wants and needs with the perfect home design. There’s a ton of reasons why you should live in the Peel region and there are even more reasons why you should choose to build with Plunkett Homes.

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