It’ a Farmhouse, But Not As You Know It.

We’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. So when it was suggested the classic farmhouse needed a fresh new look we sprang into action.

The Colorado

Using stone, white render and giant gable-end windows we set about designing our latest take on this timeless style. It’s called the Colorado. And it’s stunning.

It’s a modern interpretation of the traditional farmhouse or homestead. Which has been a top-selling style for Plunkett over many years.

This modern farmhouse design is all about enjoying volume, space and light; all those things that you head to the country for.

The Colorado is a paradigm shift for Plunkett, which has long been associated with traditional homestead designs. We’re still doing our traditional homesteads, but buyers now have the option of a more modern twist.

Here’s how we did it:

Light and Height

The raking ceilings and huge gable-end windows help give the Colorado its distinctive shape and volume. They can be added to any of our existing homestead floor plans, giving you even more design options.


With its wide frontage, substantial roofline and chunky charcoal-grey window frames. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom Colorado looks classically long and low from the outside. But don’t be deceived, the raking ceilings and soaring gable-end windows create an explosion of space in both the main living area and the master suite.


The home has been designed to take advantage of an open aspect on a large block. Enjoy views from several sides, the gable-end windows even allow you to stargaze at night.


Beautiful stone-clad sections contrast with the white rendered external walls and dark Colorbond roof. Giving the Colorado its welcoming sense of strength and substance.


We’ve brought some fresh thinking to our classic homestead layout. Instead of using the living area to separate the master suite from the minor bedrooms, the Colorado’s more modern design has the living on one side and all bedrooms on the other.


Inside, the Colorado illustrates a ‘modern vintage’ feel, with rustic colours and understated patter. It enjoys contemporary features such as the sleek gloss-white kitchen, the IT nook, and built-in dining table that adjoins the kitchen island bench. The additional table-style section can be omitted so that you have space to place a traditional table and chairs, turning the living and dining area into more of a freeform space.


A farmhouse staple, the good-sized scullery off the kitchen includes a double sink and a recess for the dishwasher. These additions turn the scullery into the working part of the kitchen to help keep the main area shiny and clutter-free.


Everything feels bigger in this home. We’ve even added that extra bit of space to the central passageway. So that it feels like it’s connecting the different areas.


The master suite has been turned into the over-sized ‘retreat’ that many homebuyers are looking for. We’ve added in space for a window seat, along with big windows so you can sit and enjoy the views.


On paper, sections of the floor plan can easily be moved around. We’ve also already drawn up plans for a four-bedroom version of the Colorado. This means the design can be tailored depending on the views to be enjoyed. The orientation of the block, and the size of home required.

The Colorado offers 295sqm of home. To find out more call 9366 0100

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