How We Make Country Contemporary

Experience has taught us a thing or two about how we like to live in our homes here in WA.

Country Style Evolution

Just look at how the traditional Australian homestead has changed over the years. Since Thomas Scott Plunkett built his first homes in Perth in 1903, the traditional redbrick design classic is still in demand. But now there’s a new breed of farmhouse to tempt those in search of country comfort. It still has the purity and simplicity we’ve always loved about the classic old homestead, but it’s totally in tune with modern Australian living.

The Modern Farmhouse

With its fresh white walls, stonework and high-pitched roofline, the modern farmhouse sums up everything we love about a rural lifestyle while meeting the demands of today’s busy family. Yes, there will always be a place in our hearts for traditional country-collection designs but designs such as the Colorado are appealing to a new breed of buyers in search of a country retreat.

The Colorado Ex-Display - Plunkett Homes
The Colorado Ex-Display – Plunkett Homes

A Block to Suit Your Lifestyle

It’s the setting that’s generally the starting point for one of our farmhouse or homestead designs. If someone is choosing a block of land for the lifestyle it offers them, then it’s our job as designer and builder to complement that setting, not to reinvent it. From views across a valley to a leafy parkland outlook, it’s about connecting with nature on the doorstep.

Environmental Factors

There’s often an environmental consideration to factor in. Many clients building on a rural or semi-rural block are keen to minimise their environmental footprint, and they might look at what their house is built from as well as how it’s built. They’ll often want to make minimising their use of resources such as water and power.

Somewhere to Escape

Whether you’re heading for a quarter acre or more in the hills, it’s fair to say that this is a style that plays to the emotions. It’s the dream of a rural idyll where we can escape the rat race and find the peace and serenity we crave.

Modern Australian Living

But emotion is all very well, we hear you say. A verandah out the back and an old rocking chair and all that. But what about the practical day-to-day demands the modern family places on a home? Is it possible to balance the sentimental with the functional?

You bet it is.

Here’s how we make country contemporary, so that it’s perfectly in tune with modern Australian living:

Keeping it simple

What’s not to love about big open-plan spaces where the family can come together? Uncomplicated, with no wasted rooms, the floor plan of a country-inspired home usually features a central living space with sleeping quarters off to each side. Spaces can be designated for specific activities or kept multi-purpose as required. The straightforward floor plan means the home can be pushed and pulled as needed during the design phase. A private sitting room for the grandparents when they come to stay? No problem? An office for the budding entrepreneur? Sure.

The North Hampton Ex-Display - Plunkett Homes
The North Hampton Ex-Display – Plunkett Homes

Contemporary kitchen

Here we have the perfect opportunity to marry traditional home style with all the mod cons. A classic U-shaped kitchen works a treat, but a galley-style layout works just as well. Today’s island bench is becoming yesterday’s kitchen table or butcher’s block.


Country-style homes often encourage a keener focus on living well and enjoying wholesome, organic food. Perhaps there’s even a veggie patch and chooks in the backyard. In days gone by, the larder was certainly the family’s store cupboard, where bottles of homemade pasta sauce were kept, along with ingredients for everything from the Sunday roast to homemade cake for afternoon tea. Today, the larder, scullery or walk-in pantry is just as important, but you’ll probably find the latest kitchen gadgets, mixers and blenders on its shelves. Power sockets mean your labour-saving appliances can be used in situ, not only making life easier in the kitchen, but also keeping the benchtops clutter-free.

The North Hampton Ex-Display - Plunkett Homes
The North Hampton Ex-Display – Plunkett Homes


Living on a lifestyle block is an open invitation to engage with the outdoors. You don’t want to just look at it, you want to throw open the doors and let in the breeze. Capturing views is paramount. Big windows and doors that open up to sweeping verandahs, outdoor decks are a must. Entertaining areas that take into account the environment and the season to just listen to all that peace and quiet.

The Lake House Display - Plunkett Homes
The Lake House Display – Plunkett Homes

Eco retreat

The master suite in a modern country home feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many take inspiration from South West resorts that blend contemporary bedroom and bathroom design with natural materials for a welcome sense of calm and tranquillity. This is your sanctuary and the rest of the world can wait a while.

The Lake House Display - Plunkett Homes
The Lake House Display – Plunkett Homes

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