How to Set Up Your Designer Home Office

Are you looking to create the perfect home office?

It’s all about considering how you plan on using the space. From the amount of bench space and storage you require, the way you can set up your home office is only restricted by your imagination. You can add personal touches to create the right atmosphere by using lighting fixtures, plants, rugs, artwork, and technology.

Whether you are multi-purposing your kids’ playroom into a serious place of productivity or sprucing up a neglected study into a modern home office to envy, we’ve got some brilliant home office design ideas to share with you. These will kick-start your interior design mojo, and no, they won’t cost you a fortune.

Here are inspiring ways to set up your home office with ideas taken straight out of our very own display homes.

Embrace Natural Light

Good lighting is essential, ideally you want as much natural daylight as possible to fill your home office. Positioning your home office near windows creates an open, modern and airy space. This makes it an attractive space to work in, as-well as provides energy-savings and is good for your overall health and wellbeing, helping to minimise eyestrain.

This clean, modern home office near the front entry takes full advantage of natural light, creating a welcoming space to work in.

Minimalist And Purposeful

Sometimes, less is more. The old rule, “a place for everything and everything in its place” was coined to relieve stress and to help us to think more about the function and the purpose of why things are where they are.

The minimalist style is all about the sleek, stylish and clean look. Well-defined lines that only feature the essentials. All that exists is that which is required to be there.

Ask yourself this, if it doesn’t serve a purpose in your home office, then is it clutter? Whether you’re affected by clutter or not, working in a clean home office without distraction and mess will improve your focus and productivity.

Don’t like clutter? Opt for a minimalist home office focused on purpose and function, where everything in the space has a reason for being there.

Accent Walls And Texture

An accent wall is a perfect way to break up a large room. They help to emphasise a great architectural feature or transform an ordinary home office into something extraordinary.

An accent wall doesn’t need to be just one colour all over. You could feature a large-scale poster of your choice, an eye-catching wallpaper or New York industrial-style exposed bricks.

Create a warm and modern home office with the addition of an accent wall and textured elements, like a rustic wooden table with plush chairs.

Create A Multi-purpose Space

For those who enjoy entertaining or have young children, consider multi-purposing your activity or games-room into a home office. This is a smart way to utilise a space to its fullest potential.

Multi-purpose spaces are some of the most practical spaces in any home. Sometimes all it takes is a strategic chair and table placement to create the illusion of a little workspace in the room.

No spare room for a home office? No problem. Carve out a workspace by multi-purposing a room.

Mix And Match Prints

Who said the home office needs to be boring? Inject some personality into your workspace with fun prints, colourful accents and if you dare – mismatched furniture. Simple ideas like investing in floral chairs, a bright coloured rug, chevron printed cushions, a ‘loud’ painting, or reverting back to the wall accent trick will spruce up space nicely. When done right, a bright and playful home office can inspire creativity.

The Oslo Mosaic Collection - Plunkett Homes
The Oslo Mosaic Collection – Plunkett Homes

Edgy Storage

Dare to be different in your home office with unusual storage. By incorporating extra storage you will be able to add a touch of personality, with the likes of ladders, not-your-ordinary-bookshelves, vintage chests, crates and metal basket wall shelves. Thinking vertical will help you with space limitations, giving you more room to showcase travel keepsakes and your favourite memories in your home office, in an edgy and cool way.

Pops of blue

It is universally said that colour can influence our moods. With so many colours on the spectrum to choose from, you may be left wondering which hue has the most benefits, especially when it comes to your home office.

The colour blue is perhaps the colour of choice for interior designers around the world to experiment with. With so many shades that range from nautical to modern, it is considered one of the most versatile and playful colours to decorate with.

Blue produces a calming effect for the mind and body and will remove any pretension from formal living areas like the home office. So why not have pops of blue in your home office? Turn your home office into a space that needn’t add to your stress but rather, inspires calmness, depth and focus.

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